5 Extraordinary Engaging Activities for Your Virtual Team

Are you looking for ideas & engaging activities to keep your virtual team active and engaged?  With COVID-19 touching every aspect of our lives, there are uncertainties & confusion hovering around. This does not just go true for the employers, but also for the employees. The only way a team is left to handle workContinue reading “5 Extraordinary Engaging Activities for Your Virtual Team”

5 Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings during COVID-19

Virtual collaborations and Digital meetings have come out to be a general phenomenon, in response to the coronavirus crisis. For many companies, this virtual model of work is not a new thing, but for many, this form of work collaboration is quite challenging.  Top leaders are perplexed and are looking out for ways to handleContinue reading “5 Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings during COVID-19”

Important Guidelines for Conducting Virtual Meetings

As a result of the fear of further havoc that can further result from the crisis of corona, companies have temporarily moved to the virtual model. Everyone is working from home, and the meetings and conferences are being better conducted via Virtual mode.  Amidst all the ruckus that Coronavirus has brought with it, Virtual meetingsContinue reading “Important Guidelines for Conducting Virtual Meetings”

A Blueprint to Manage PPC During COVID-19

Across the industries, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the landscape, which looks evident.  Many companies have stopped functioning until the world comes back to normal, and some have to stop functioning permanently due to a number of reasons.  And, the one that is still operating is feeling stranded.  Uncertainty, confusion, and hopelessness are allContinue reading “A Blueprint to Manage PPC During COVID-19”