Stay Ahead in Instagram Marketing with These Tips: 2020

There are over 800 million monthly users of Instagram. Out of which more than 60 million photos every day also researches shows 1.6 billion likes are daily recorded on this site. There are so many influencers and big names on Instagram that it has become the new platform for influential branding. There are many big brands that are associated with Instagram and chooses this website for their promotions.

If you have the right marketing team with a bang on plan then you too can become an influential brand. All you need to do is pause the right content which is related to your target audience and keep your health in the posting game by keeping yourself updated with the current affairs. Everyday brands are incorporating themselves on Instagram with a new business strategy and have great luck in implementing them. Most of the US marketers use Instagram in 2016 and according to the researchers and analysts, it is going to increase by 75% by this year-end. With billions of active monthly users, it comes the right platform for your advertisement and marketing strategies. There was a time when Instagram was just a site where people could post images and follow each other. But with the advancements in social media and technology, it has now become a very big giant. People who don’t know the fact about Instagram is that it is a sister of Facebook that is it is owned by Facebook and hence it is another trophy in their cup. 

Knowing the facts about Instagram is one thing but how to implement the different updates it is continuously rolling out is another. If you want to improve your Instagram marketing game then you should know how to take advantage of this platform. It can take your brand to new heights with the right strategy and content.

Business Account

The Instagram business account is the first thing you need to boost your business. You can either switch to the business profile if you already have an account on it or can simply make a new one. Your followers can directly connect with you by clicking on the links you add on your page. You can even add your website URL or can simply add your contact information to it. The best you can do is connect it with your Facebook page so that both of your profiles are linked to each other. A business profile will also give you the advantage of tracking your insights and post progress. With a business account, you can take advantage of many more advanced features of Instagram which are generally not available for a private account.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the new social media trend. Once you figure out a hashtag for your brand you can start building a community. Hashtags work just like any other social media platform like Twitter. It will help you in building a brand image and will let people use your hashtags to promote you. To make your hashtags famous you can do many things like run a contest, tag people who might be the influencers. You can even use related hashtags that are already very famous. 

Cross promotions

If you think you are magically going to build a community or it will be a piece of cake for you to get followers then think twice. If you want a smooth business, start a cross-promotion campaign. You might be new to Instagram but a tycoon on Facebook. Take advantage of your current positioning by advertising your grand entry on Instagram. The main aim is to gather as many followers as you can. Just like you, there will be people who are more comfortable using Facebook or twitter but may have a left hand on Instagram. With cross-promotions, you can ensure that your post has reached your target audience.

Post frequency

People might love your brand but not enough to see your posts in every other second. There will be people who suggest you post as much as you can but we would recommend to keep it twice or thrice a day. For the initial days, you can take out statics from your other social media and track the time when you have most of the active users. It’s very important to post the right content at the right time. Also, never overwhelm your audience with frequent postings.

Interaction is the key

Interact with your followers so that they feel connected. You must value the efforts your audience is taking. They might be leaving a comment on your post and you should appreciate it by replying to them. Not just replying but also try using the user-generated content so that they feel important. The main key is to build a loyal fan following. You can either talk to them on live sessions or simply create content that has their involvement. 


Don’t feel bad if you are out of content. There are days when we are not creative enough to build strategies or create a post that is effective. Reposting not just helps you in content creation but will also help you in getting the attention from the source. On tagging them you capture their attention and also of their followers. Try using such content once in a week so that people anticipate your reposts.

Creative Content

It is very important to create creative content which is a visual treat to your audience. You can either go for the puns and humor or track the latest trends. Your image content should be appealing and attractive. This is the first thing people would lookout while they are scrolling.

Instagram marketing is not as easy as it appears. You should be habitual to making reports and then following them ardently. We live in an era where data is the king and you can’t prove anything if you don’t have enough data to support your argument. Make statistics your best friend and try tracking the growth and result every week to understand your flaws and to work on them.

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