Some Social Media Strategies to Improve Ad Performance – Part 1

Social Media has been at the forefront of the revolution surrounding the Ad performance. But despite everything at a place with a wonderful Ad Template, is your ad not showing the reach it should have? With new ad algorithm in Place for Facebook, does your brand still lag the kind of response it should get? Well, this is certainly the case with Facebook with the brand pages showing a 20% decline in engagement since the start of the year due to the data breach scandal. The costs pertaining to the engagement on the social media has been ever increasing. This is why the brands need to be tactical and smart with their paid social approach. Check out some of the social media strategies to Improve Ad performance of the brand you own.

Why Do Brands Rely much on Social Media to Improve Ad Performance?

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Indeed, Social Media has been to much help to brands in improving their ad performance. It is an exciting way to target audiences on specific networks through demographic information. This is done in order to let the consumers see the brands in their feed. The ad algorithm works really well when done right. The question is, are you doing that right? Only pushing paid content in random ways won’t sell on Facebook unless they have real possibilities. In time, you would require some social media strategies to Improve Ad performance for your brand. It would require to be in cognizance with your ad spend, content selection, targeting frequency and audience demographics as well. So, let’s check out how you can improve Ad performance to help ease the fading organic reach.

Clear and Best Campaign Objectives

While opting for ad placement on Social Media sites, your brand should have a clear-cut objective. You can start by asking a basic question- What’s the goal of your social Media Advertising Strategy? Do you want to spend money with blind social media advertising? That is why you must always prioritize your goals and objectives of the company to attract the best of the audiences. All the brands won’t have same objective and hence they need to act differently. Some of the most common paid social media objectives are –

  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase Visibility
  • Increase Engagement
  • Increase Lead Generation
  • Increase Sales

Selection of Social Platforms to Improve Ad Performance

After having accomplished the clear objective, its time to pick the social media platforms that you will use for your ad campaigns.  There’s plenty of benefits to use one network over another. However, you have to understand each business has its own unique reasons to promote on certain platforms. Here’s a few immediate key questions to consider:

  • Is this channel performing well organically for me?
  • Does this channel’s demographics match my brand?
  • Do our competitors target users on this network?
  • Does my target audience consistently engage here? Does my ad format (multi-photo, video, GIF, etc.) fit the platform?

Instagram has an excellent coverage for all the prospects discussed above while Facebook has a global reach of more than 2 billion people. But it would depend on the social media team of the brand to adjust their demographics based on what they are selling and who their audiences are.


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