Six Powerful Advantages of Native Advertising

In our previous blog on native Advertising, we learned everything about the topic.

So, if you have decided to use the technique, you must know the advantages of using Native ads over other forms of advertising.

Native advertising allows marketers to reach out to their customers without being overbearing and more so, in the content-heavy world we are living in today. As also discussed in our previous blog on Native advertising, “everything about Native,” — most readers view these ads for almost the same time as that of other editorial content where the ad is placed. On top of that, they have more chances of being shared than other banner ads, which increasingly pushes the potential of going viral.

In the Digital marketing world, native ads are gaining popularity for its transparency, the potential to go viral, and for it being less intrusive to the consumers.

Native advertising is based on the concept of blending with the environment, it is in. The advertisement is so designed that it does not even look like an advertisement. It focuses on the idea of providing content in context with the surrounding, it is in.

Let’s talk about some powerful benefits of using Native ads. Here are some:

Six Powerful Benefits of Native advertising:

  1. Grab Attention.

We often think that an ad designed with a rainbow of colors will look more appealing to consumers. But, that is not always true — even a small Ad icon that has been designed so that it does not make users blind will be appreciated by a user. They will love clicking at your ad and would not mind clicking it to know more.

  1. Improved Impression

From data obtained from the research, it has been established that by 2021, Native ads are going to drive almost 74% of the total revenue generated. And, this will only improve every year because advertisers are becoming more creative with designing ads. Having the potential to serve the audience as per their needs, Native advertising is certainly going to be the most preferred form of advertising in the upcoming years. And, making use of Native ads along with other techniques available improves ROI, to even a better level.

  1. Non-Intrusive

As has been emphasized from the very beginning, these are designed to be efficient. When you look at the stats a little closer, you’ll understand why Native ads are better? It lets the customer keep away from the ad blindness syndrome by blending into the environment it is placed in. These are non-intrusive because they do not actually look like ads. The user hardly notices if they are not looking at any advertisement. Even if they do, most users won’t mind clicking and looking into what it is about. There is nothing that would make you feel so annoyed to uninstall an app or software. In fact, Native advertising can be an awesome way of combating Ad blocking. It can help with convincing customers that ads are not created with the intention of intruding into their lives or interrupting whatever they are trying to do.

  1. Native ads Empower Customers

Not every customer is browning the internet to buy a product or a service. In fact, they are looking for an answer to their questions. Customers will appreciate well-researched & high-quality content. Brands provide valuable content that does not only show up for money but to provide assistance to its readers. With subtle and convincing content this can empower your customers. This tells your customer that you care about them, and they will surely consider paying you for this with their loyalty.

  1. Enhanced Engagement

Native ads do not create any hindrance to whatever the user is doing, unlike any banner ad. This makes it more assuring for the marketer about maintaining users’ engagement for a longer period. In fact, it reduces the risk of the user about closing the ad and never coming back. Native ads are a win-win situation for advertisers as well as for publishers. You have to be just careful how you blend your ad with the environment.

  1. Serves Users in the Right Context

Native ads serve users in the right context and that adds to the value of this form of advertising. This is when you show respect to your user by presenting your content to the right audience at the right time. With high-quality content that appeals to the reader’s Native ads keeps them hooked to Native ads, and they do not mind clicking these ads.


Stats obtained from various researches clearly show that native advertising is more engaging. It is important to understand there isn’t anything like a perfect ad, but undoubtedly, if you pay a little attention, and design your ad mindfully with the right kind of content — you can win your audience in no time.

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