5 URL Optimization Tips for Improved Website Performance

We often overlook the importance of creating URLs that matter to your customers. However, a properly structured URL can be the gateway to your site for the user who has come looking for products and services that your site is providing.  URL structure optimization is one of the most important things, which is overlooked. When […]

How to Create & Evaluate SEO-Friendly Content?

Creating SEO-friendly content is an amazing way of engaging your audience. Well-crafted SEO-friendly content can escalate the customers’ journey from brand awareness to increased sales.  The online marketplace is all about GREAT content. People at every stage are craving informative, well-written, easy to read & understand content. And, most importantly it should be SEO-friendly content […]

Silly Meta Description Mistakes You Should Not be Making

Too many debates have been going around on whether meta descriptions still matters to your SEO.  Yes, it does! But not to the extent it was before. Google has also clarified this saying — meta descriptions are more about being an introduction to the page. Meta descriptions are some form of a summary of the […]

Is Press Releases Still Relevant to Your SEO Strategy?

Do you still think press releases should be a part of your SEO strategy?  YES. It complements your SEO strategy, which already contains content marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and much more.  By including press releases in your SEO strategy, the idea is to share your new products & services, and other noteworthy content with […]

10 Common SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid Making

Are you an SEO expert?  Even if you are well versed in the nuances of Search Engine Optimization, you could be making silly mistakes like an amateur.  You could be making these SEO mistakes without your knowledge.  Today SEO has become complicated with everyday evolving technologies & just going back to where you started is […]

How to Fix Voice Search Optimization for Better SEO?

Have you fixed your voice search optimization? If not, it’s high time — you must get started. The user is more comfortable with the voice search than typing. Voice Search is gaining popularity at an essentially fast pace. In the years to come, voice search can dominate internet browsing than ever before. Here are some […]

SEO Audit Checklist 2020: Follow These Tips

When it is about inbound marketing, SEO is the top priority for most Digital marketers — as much as 61%. Today, it’s important for any business to grow online and SEO is the most essential for your business to grow online. Everyone who is worried about extending their online presence is doing that. And, if […]

What are Backlinks in SEO & Why is Backlinking Important?

Have you been wondering what are Backlinks in SEO and why do the Search Engine Optimization experts often use this term? If you are a blogger or have only recently started your website, you must be struggling to understand Backlinks in SEO & why are they so important? In this blog, I intend to offer […]

The Best Word Count to Enhance SEO Ranking

What is the most perfect Word Count Sweet Spot to Rank High on SERP? Should I write an 800 blog to rank? Or maybe 1000 words? Or maybe 2000? That’s where you always get stuck ending up disoriented and bewildered. Do you think the word count for your blog post is anyway related to ranking […]

How to Correctly Craft Meta Descriptions

Are you correctly crafting meta descriptions for your website? Do you know that meta descriptions are a significant part of the optimization technique? This part of the optimization technique can enhance conversion and CTR rates to an unimaginably high-level. Writing compelling meta descriptions is a current hot ticket in the Digital Marketing landscape. However, from […]

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