Search Ads vs Display Ads: Which is Best for Your Ad Campaign?

This is pretty tough to be sure whether to use search ads or display ads for your online campaign. And, it is definitely one of the foremost important decisions as it may lead to losing a significant part of your ad campaign budget. 

Ask yourself the following questions before setting an advertising campaign:

What is the difference between Search Ads & Display Ads?

How to determine which is better? 

How can you use both of these techniques so that the return is maximum?

This blog post will help you know everything about when it is good to use search ads & when you should use Display ads. To choose from a variety of online advertising formats — the decision is of course a tough one. 

Let’s discuss in detail which technique to use when:

Advertisers get the option of setting both the display ads & search ads so as to reach out to a larger audience. But, it is way important to reach the right audience and not just the larger audience. 

Three situations when you must be using Search ads:

  1. When you want to work on Organic Traffic.

Search ads could be the best short-term strategy to drive better traffic. For a lot of organizations, SEO alone cannot play the game and it could take longer to reach out to the target audience. 

  1. An organization that sells or markets an Urgent product or service

If you are an organization that sells or is marketing emergency services or products like electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, or emergency veterinarians then it is a great idea to start with search Ads. 

People would not generally come to avail of these services while looking at a Facebook ad or while reading a blog. Rather these audiences are those who will search for service providers when for instance their flush is not working or there is some issue with the electricity supply. 

  1. For marketers who have low-budget.

Search ads would be the answer if you are choosing to start with a low budget campaign — and there could be different reasons for this. When you are starting a PPC campaign you have the option of either pay per 1000 impressions or pay per click. If you are choosing to bid on a highly relevant keyword then you’ll have better control over what group of your audience you want to reach. This in turn will get you better ROI, improved conversion rates & way more qualified leads. 

In the beginning, it is way simpler with search ads to measure the progress and there is always room for moving to Display Networks once you have understood your audience through successful search advertising campaigns. 

Three situations when you must be using Display ads:

  1. For marketers who want to reach the Niche Markets

Display ads could be better options for all those marketers who have the intent of reaching the niche market. One of the key reasons why Display ads are great for building brand awareness because display ads are present all over those sites where the potential customers are already spending a huge part of their time. And, it gives you an opportunity to reach your target audience more easily. 

  1. For products and Services which require more Visual Appeal

A noticeable advantage of using display ads over search ads is that you can include more pictures, videos, and other media, which imparts better visual appeal to your marketing ads. Such ads are best for products like apparel, home decor, entertainment products, and vacation services — all of which require better visual appeal when it comes to interacting with the audience. 

  1. For marketers who want to enhance awareness among passive consumers.

Display ads are perfect for all those passive consumers who are not actively searching for a particular product or a service. They are still at the searching stage of the marketing funnel with only vague knowledge about the product. Consumers at this stage of the marketing funnel could be better wooed to find interest in the product. Display ads can help keep this lot of audience (who is not yet actively looking for your product) hooked to your product and create a want for it.

Search ads or Display ads?

Both search ads and Display ads have their own benefits — but they can better fit in different situations. Therefore, before starting with setting your advertising campaign, you must clearly understand the difference between the two and when to use each of them for better results. 

At the beginning of starting a campaign, it might be tough for any marketer to decide which strategy to use. There are a number of factors as also mentioned in this blog post like  — search volume, the stage of the marketing funnel where your audience belongs, your budget, and more. 

While at some moments it is better to utilize one of the two marketing strategies, sometimes you can better your ROI by making simultaneous use of the two strategies. When you are utilizing both the marketing techniques at the same time, you are undoubtedly reaching your audience at different stages. This will get you a huge payoff!

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