Say No To Content Farms

Quality content is essential to successful monetization. Compelling commentary engages the audience thereby decreasing bounce rates. Interested users demonstrate a willingness to interact with brands and “share” information through social networking platforms. Online marketing professionals know the value of superior copywriting, but it’s difficult to maintain consistency without a dependable in-house staff.

Content farms fill in the gaps, although most of these companies aren’t very selective about their authors. They’re also notorious for offering low pay rates, which frustrates the truly talented folks. As a result, publishers often settle for lackluster articles that fulfill keyword requirements alone. These types of posts undoubtedly affect an advertiser’s performance because readers tend to ignore poorly written pieces. This means users don’t click on relevant banners or respond to in-text ads. In this sense, copy yields revenue albeit indirectly.

Fortunately, publishers don’t have to tolerate mediocre text anymore; steps up to the plate connecting skilled copywriters with full time positions as well as freelance gigs. The agency caters to advertising firms, so they go beyond simple SEO techniques. Jobs aren’t limited to marketing alone as the site supports numerous creative formats, including script-writing, journalism, social media, editing, and translation. There are no upfront costs for writers or recruiters. Employers may post a listing on the jobs board for an open pool of applicants or opt for a large list of recommendations based on expertise and availability. Those with in house human resources personnel might want to find the ideal candidate via a profile search. Webfruit operates internationally, and writers bring consummate experience from almost every field imaginable.

Copywriters enjoy the service because it simplifies the process of finding paying clients. Other popular classified sites, such as, provide resources for lots of different careers. Wordfruit concentrates on perfecting a single craft, and delivers viable employment opportunities on a regular basis. The highly selective system narrows down the author’s pool, so writers aren’t competing over scant resources in a cut throat environment. While the site doesn’t vet its clients, there’s no need to worry about unfulfilled payment obligations. Financial transactions take place through Paypal or bank transfers for security reasons. Wordfruit will not tolerate scammers and refuses to allow postings that demand tons of content for next to nothing.

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