Safe and Healthy Meetings with ‘Free Virtual Lunch and Learn”

There is no denying that digital industries are always innovating different concepts. One such leap is taken by Admedia by going a step further for the health and safety of its clients and associates, during this disastrous health crisis, COVID-19. 

The idea is to provide Free Lunch so that a Virtual Meeting & discussion can take place smoothly. One can easily build their professional relationships over lunch by staying back at home and preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

It is a simple Virtual lunch process that will benefit the entire quarantine scenario. Let’s take up an example of how it is similar to the normal meetings and learning hours that one had when there was a need for in-person meetings. 

  1. The time of the meeting is set-up along with the agenda and people that are important for joining the meeting. This can be discussed either on a call or on mails. While mailing the point of discussions and the calendar invite the video call IDs can be shared too. Or one can simply make a virtual room for the meeting.
  2. A link will be provided for filling out the form. As one can see the details are easy to fill and submit.

Enter your name, address and time along with the company name and then hit on the submit button for virtual lunch.

  1. Once the details are received the Admedia’s representative will connect with the volunteer and pen down the necessary details to curate a personal menu for you. All kinds of customizations are appreciated under set rules and regulations. 
  2. After finalizing everything, a confirmation mail will be rolled out and you will receive all the must-have details. 
  3. Before the meeting starts, food will be received hot and fresh. Enjoy the meal while preparing up for the meeting.

Admedia is always a step ahead in their marketing game and this ‘Free Lunch and Learn’ is the new way to level up their game. In the times when everyone is coming together to help people stay healthy and safe, this virtual lunch program was much needed. It is like taking a leap forward in the future. In the coming years, no one will have enough time to travel for different meetings as the world will get busy in making plans to recover from the business loss. This will not just help in preparing for the future but will strengthen professional relationships too. To know more about the program visit and enroll yourself before 30th April.

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