What is the Right Approach to Keyword Selection?

In my last blog, A Comprehensive SEO Guide, I talked about much about Keyword Selection and SEO. In the last part of it, I just started with keyword research, Use of keywords, and Keywords Selection.

There’s much more of the knowledge about Search Engine Optimization to help you with your Digital Marketing efforts.

Keyword Selection


Keyword selection is an extremely important part of designing a piece of SEO Content.

In my last blog, I talked in brief about keyword research. But, that can’t actually serve the purpose.

To touch every aspect of it, I would have to design a complete blog about keyword research.

The SEO of your content will depend a lot on the keyword selection.

In fact, your keyword will describe what the piece of content is going to talk about.

Also, your keyword selection will tell the readers about your brand and site.

Keyword selection can even say it all about how you are building links, choosing tactics, and implementing them.

Unknowingly people make the mistake of stopping.

They will just go for new marketing campaigns, redesign their website and then stop.

They live with the idea that Keyword research is a one-time thing. But, that’s not at all true.

You can do the best SEO for your site by continually focusing on keyword research.

You have to keep evaluating and then reevaluating if the keywords on your list are still giving any value to your content or not.

Keyword Research

Making a keyword selection mistake is very common even among smart people. Let’s how that happens.

Keyword Research Mistakes

1.Wrong Keyword Selection

Suppose for example you are selling Digital Marketing services.

Your services are designed to cost around $12,000 per year.

This comes out to be around $1000 every month. And, that’s still an expensive affair for many.

Let’s suppose in this case you are ranking number one for the keyword “free Digital Marketing Services”. Imagine what kind of audiences you are going to attract.

People who are looking for free Digital Marketing services will come to your site.

And, this apparently means that they are not going to be converted. They will hit back the moment asked to pay this high for the service.

This keyword will attract many customers every month, but that’s of no use to your site.

Only the wrong lot of audiences will be attracted to your site. And, it’s of no use!

Ranking number 1 for such keywords is not going to do any good for your site.

It would be way better to use some useful keywords than giving up this lot of visitors.

It’s better than the one or two visitors who are coming are getting converting than attracting thousands and none of them getting converted.

And, there are many other common mistakes that people make.

2. Not Paying Heed to the competition

Now suppose you have made the right keyword selection.

It’s great that you have made the keyword research in unison with what products and services you are selling.

What next?

You’ll be opening up a Keyword volume tool. It may be Google Keyword Planner or some paid one like SEMrush.

You’ll be typing in certain ideas and then it will come with some results for you.

Any user will think of choosing the one belonging to the highest searches.

But, that’s not the right approach.

The success of your keyword will be affected by the competition you are working against.

Let’s say, you are checking out the keyword “Digital Marketing”.

Suppose it’s getting searches of around 6.5-9.5k  every month. Great!

But, that’s not the most popular keyword on the web. But, it’s a great idea to start with.

Now you feel a kind of discomfort when you compare your site to another which is ranking.

You are not really seeing the page and domain authorities for the same.

This website which is ranking must have taken months and even years to be where it is today.

So, the idea is it’s a complete tough nut to crack and push others and rank on the top.

You must be thinking, how you can find that solution.

Next, you’ll start thinking of long-tail keywords.

You’ll consider that the volume for this keyword would be low and therefore so will be the competition.

But, truly that’s not always true.

You can try out by making a search for a Digital Marketing agency. And, will get the answer to it.

The volume might just be around 100 and it would seem to you as the most perfect long-tail keyword.

But, there’s just one problem.

The competitive sites might have been there in the industry for a long time.

They must have thousands of links and that makes this long-tail keyword as popular as the other.

So, it comes out that, this long-tail keyword is way worse than listed in the beginning. If you are focusing on this long-tail keyword, you probably are going to rank way to low.

For the high competition, this query is not going to fetch any great results.

So, the question arises here, what is the right approach to it.

How to make the right Keyword selection that can:

  • Help your business grow
  • Does not have high competition
  • Attracts great traffic

The Golden answer to this question is just one. You have to think something out-of-the-box!

I have come up with some of the easy keyword research tips that will surely help!

Focus on the intent of the Search

Most of us while making an effort to rank on the web will be focusing on keywords.

But, you must focus yourself more on making out what people are looking for than focusing on the keywords.

And, that’s what I mean by Search intent. Like what’s their basic aim of making out this search.

And, this differentiates between attracting a bit of traffic and then yearning out for the real revenue.

Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose for example you are owning a job site.

And, you are making money by inviting other companies to do job posting on your site.

So, you will have to design this in a way that your site is ranking higher on the web than the others like Indeed and others.

The more the number of people getting a job from your site, the higher will be your income.

But, you have to keep your eyes open to watch what will happen when a person is searching for It Jobs.

The result for the same is all over the internet.

It jobs many will mean hardware job, many software jobs and alike.

And, the intent behind making a search for each of these people would be different.

And, you’ll have to take care of this fact.

You have to be very specific in the sense what the user is looking for. You have to know what kind of IT job the candidate is looking for.

This fact clearly dictates how you can come up with good keywords and what should be the approach to your keyword selection.

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