Rich Media

What do you think about when you hear the term “Rich Media”? Is it a reference to how wealthy those in the media are? No, that’s not it at all. If you don’t know about Rich Media yet, take the time to read this post, and get familiar with it.

In the past ads were stagnant. Content was king, and words mattered. Advertising text is still important, but graphics and live action lead ad campaigns these days. Those cool graphics, moving images, and random sounds make up what we know refer to as “Rich Media”.

Examples of Rich Media ads include expandable banner ads, floating ads, video ads, tear back ads, and flash interactive ads. You have probably encountered these ads by now. Consumers can easily scan past old school banner ads, but when you add Rich Media to your ad, consumers are unavoidably drawn in.

Rich Media ads allow consumers to interact with your message. They can glide over your ad with their mouse and see a completely new image. They can click a button and see action take place within your ad. Your ad can even speak to them.

With AdMedia Rich Media ads, your campaign is in for a makeover. Optimize your campaign by integrating fun, attractive Rich Media to your dated ads. You’ll see higher conversions by entertaining your audiences.

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