Responsive Search Ads: Google Added New Features Recently

Google recently added new features to Responsive Search Ad copy options. These dynamic features will add to the functionalities of RSA ads helping with asset suggestions & cross-campaign results.

Google has added the following important features to the responsive ads including:

  1. Location insertion
  2. Countdown customizers.

Apart from the above two users will also be able to get more useful copy suggestions and recommendations of cross-campaign asset reporting.

Let’s throw some light on Responsive Search Ads:

What are Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive Search Ads are commonly known as RSAs. By creating a suitable combination of the copy specifics the user brings forth, Responsive Search Ads by itself assembles the ad copy.

Responsive Search Ads are one of the most recently introduced & flexible forms of search ads. It’s different from the traditional ads in a way that — whereas in traditional ads you write description and headline together to design one static ad text, Responsive Search Ads provides a platform to write 15 different headlines with 4 different descriptions. You can arrange these 15 headlines 7 4 descriptions in 43,680 different permutations. This means that you have pretty much scope to test your ads.

In fact, you have nothing much to do — Google itself will test these different combinations and pick the combination that can be the most suitable and performs better. This way your responsive ads will engage your different audiences with the most suitable message based on their searched keywords, on their past browsing behavior & their devices.

How Responsive Search Ads Help?

In the traditional form of ads, for testing each version of the ads, you’ll need to write full ad copy. RSAs help by eliminating that hassle and by breaking the components of a text ad into “assets.”

Responsive Search Ads, with several versions of both headlines & descriptions listed out — treats both as different assets. The RSAs pick an asset from each of the lists both body copy & headline — and combines both these chosen assets into a full-text ad.

It makes ad testing at the required size to solve the problem of fast insights into the copy & combination that makes sense for searchers. RSAs are great ways to test for parameters like sales messaging, different value propositions, and more.

Let’s take a look at Google’s New Features of Responsive Search Ads:

Location Extension Insertion.

The advertisers get the freedom to insert a placeholder with the help of this feature — Location Extension Insertion. It indicates Google to display the City, State, or Country based on the location of the potential customer. This will be in accordance with the type of location targeting your campaign.

Command to insert Location Extension: {LOCATION(City)} reference.

Countdown Customizers.

Countdown Customizer is going to be helpful for creating some kind of urgency around sales where the advertiser can incorporate the end date for an event or anything. The countdown customizer calculates & updates dynamically, the time left between that end time and the time when the searcher sees the ad. This countdown customizer will set the timezone of the searcher or at the global level without the need for time zone adjustments. This will mean that if some event ends at 2 am in the east zone, it will automatically end at 9 pm on the west coast.

New Copy Asset Suggestions.

When you’ll be creating Responsive Search Ads, you’ll have the option to choose from the suggested copies via a dropdown. This RSA has particularly been updated for the coronavirus phase, which gives suggestions for curbside orders & contactless delivery.

Cross-Campaign Asset Reporting.

Google now has also added cross-campaign reporting, which will speed up the results per asset faster for the copy ads. Giving the user one final snapshot of the total performance by aggregating the data for each asset. In comparison to going deeper into each ad group separately, Cross-Campaign Asset Reporting is way faster and easier.

You can check out Google for its full-fledged announcement. We at AdMedia constantly keep our eyes on every single Google update to help advertisers & publishers in the most subtle way. We help them look beyond the Conventional with “Next-Gen” Advertising. We also help advertisers reach out to those “untouched” markets that are beyond Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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