Reasons Why Native Advertising Works

Do you wonder why native advertising works better than traditional forms of online advertising?

It blends seamlessly in the environment it is placed in. They are designed to look like the list of articles that you have come searching for.

That is the simple logic that makes native advertising work.

In today’s scenario, we get an altogether different internet browsing experience with too many banner ads and other forms of advertising wherever we go.

Native advertising being way less disruptive in its look and feel makes it one of the most preferred and effective forms of online advertising. And, other than this, there are plenty of reasons that make it a preferred mode of online advertising.

How Native advertising gets your message across easily?

For any small business, it is very important to get the message across without having to spend much. With Native advertising, you get that freedom of talking about your brand cost-effectively. Click here to learn everything about native advertising.

With the increasing popularity of the internet, online advertising has become the primary mode of marketing for most businesses. Online advertising is cost-effective, ubiquitous, and the most measurable way of getting your product across the right audience at the right time.

But the major challenge that one faces with online advertising is the CLUTTER.

Causing too much disruption to what the reader has come looking for, banner ads are gradually becoming ineffective. The click-through rate for banner ads has declined considerably over the years.

Users’ perspectives are changing every day — they are looking for more relevant content that does not look disruptive.

The online environment that the publishers have created (where native ads fit giving an impression of a piece of information) to cut through the clutter, and help advertisers/brands to drive traffic are replacing traditional advertising.

There are many aspects that make native ads a preferred mode of online advertising. Let’s find out:

  1. They are Non-Disruptive

Unlike the display advertising being extremely disruptive, where the audience engagement has dropped considerably in the last few years, Native advertising is non-disruptive.

Around 70% of the online users say that it is easier for them to learn about a product or service via interesting content than through the traditional form of advertising.

Unlike pop-ups and banner ads, native advertising is just like the normal browsing experience. For an average web user, native advertising provides a familial experience by fitting exactly into the environment of the web page it is placed in.

This seamless browsing experience makes it interesting for the user, driving more traffic and therefore enhancing conversion rate.

  1. Enhances Brand Loyalty.

Native advertising is an opportunity to share the brand story of your business. The whole combination of description, imagery, and headline helps any brand convey its message in the most succinct and sophisticated way. The way native ads are designed also gives an opportunity to talk about the benefits, values, and other aspects of the product or service you are selling. And, in addition to the ads, the click-through content pushes the message even further adding to the brand loyalty.

  1. They are Cost-Effective.

The cost of advertising is another reason native ads work. Compared to the traditional forms of online advertising, native advertising is cost-effective. Native advertising gets you a higher click-through rate leading to lower cost per customer acquisition and lower costs per click.

  1. Drives Higher CTRs.

As compared to banner ads, Native advertising with the adaptable placement of the ads, and the design it takes blending in the environment of the web page, drives 5-8x higher CTR. And, native advertising can truly make you rich with their presence on mobile devices and tablets with users spending a considerable amount of time. According to a survey, the average US adult population spends around 86-hours every month on their phones toggling between the apps, and sites. In the coming year, native advertising is going to be the primary mode of online advertising as per a survey.

  1. They are honest.

More than any form of advertising, native advertising makes sense to their viewers. They do not fool around viewers. Without asking for any opt-in, Native advertising helps users with fun, educational, and informative content. This honest effort to educate users is good for the goodwill of your brand, encouraging them to share your content further.

With this honest approach even if the user finds that it’s an ad, he will be interested in checking it out. And, native advertising can be way more effective by offering the user something he was already looking for. But you must also form a strong association between what you are selling and what topic you are talking about.

  1. Enhances Engagement.

The goal of any advertising campaign is to enhance engagement. In the case of native advertising, the user spends time reading your content because it’s interesting and presents what the user has come looking for. And, this will, of course, depend on the type of content you have created. With quality, informative, and educational content the engagement can go high leading to better results.

  1. Native ads are designed around the audiences’ interests.

Native ads are much aware of their audience. With the perfect understanding of how to fit in into the environment seamlessly and what the audience is looking for, it gives a strong reason native ads work. And, the content of the ad is not directly based on the brand or product you are selling. However, it offers something that helps the targeted demographic to solve one of their problems. For instance, if you are targeting the athletes for buying your latest sports shoe — offering them “10 ways to remain healthy” with your native ads will make them more interested in clicking your ad.


Native advertising provides informative, fun, and shareable content. It gets you the ads that match the form and function of the webpage. Most users prefer ads that do not interfere with their online browsing experience and native advertising is one such form. At AdMedia, we use native ads to ensure your content will get noticed. Our Native ads deliver contextually relevant sponsored content that fits the look and feel of your site.

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