Online marketing isn’t in its infancy stages, although it might be appropriate to say that the industry is in its terrible twos phase. We’re constantly trying to figure out how to connect with consumers while balancing serious privacy issues and the ever present annoyance factor. As a result, internet advertisers are always trying to come up with innovative platforms.Continue reading “CAPTCHA Ads?”

Fundraising via Advertising

California’s cash strapped schools are getting pretty creative when it comes to finding ways to make money. The state legislature still hasn’t passed a budget, forcing schools to go it alone. Many institutions have already cut programs, such as art and music classes, in order to save money, but they’re finding themselves in the red nevertheless.Continue reading “Fundraising via Advertising”

FTC Implements New Regulations on Debt Relief Services

Flip on your television or radio at almost any time of day and you’re guaranteed to hear at least one ad that promises to help you get out of debt. These ads have become more prevalent in the past couple of years as consumers face mounting credit card bills and faulty mortgages. While there are indeed legitimate debt reduction and consolidation agencies on the market, there are also tons of scams actively engaging in deceptive advertising campaigns in order to take advantage of desperate individuals.Continue reading “FTC Implements New Regulations on Debt Relief Services”

Innovative Advertising Avenues

Most people are used to seeing advertisements everywhere they turn. From TV spots, print ads, and billboards, ads occupy nearly every available space in America. Sometimes these ads are blatant and other times they come in the form of subtle, silent product placement. For instance, when you see a TV or movie character working on a MacBook with the familiar Apple logo glowing on your screen, you are witnessing product placement in action. This tactic is normally used for branding purposes and it’s fairly difficult to determine the effectiveness of this technique for obvious reasons.Continue reading “Innovative Advertising Avenues”

New York Times Small Business Summit

Hello everyone! We already mentioned that the AdMedia team will be at the SMX-East conference in New York. Unfortunately, that means we’re going to have to miss out on another exciting opportunity: The New York Times annual Small Business Summit! This event takes place in the Big Apple on September 23rd, 2010. It’s an all day affair hosted at the luxurious Hilton hotel from 7:30am to 5:45pm. General admission is $99, which includes access to key note addresses, panel discussions, as well as two meals (breakfast and lunch).Continue reading “New York Times Small Business Summit”

Google in an Instant

The search world turned upside down Wednesday when Google unveiled their new instant format. Since that time, there’s been a lot of speculation about the implications in terms of e-marketing. Here’s an informative article that offers a rational perspective on this highly contentious issue. The author predicts that this move will bolster paid content, which is bad news for anyone outside of Google’s AdWords network. I believe he’s correct in assuming that Google would not have launched this program otherwise.Continue reading “Google in an Instant”

Brutal Bedbugs

Bedbugs have been grabbing the headlines in unexpected places lately, including Los Angeles, Ca. These tiny, blood sucking critters usually prefer humid climates, which is why it’s not surprising when they appear in New York City or Orlando, Florida. But when they started popping up in Southern California, a lot of residents panicked, and turned to trusty old Google for help.Continue reading “Brutal Bedbugs”

Happy Labor Day!

AdMedia wishes everyone out there a wonderful, relaxing holiday weekend! Since we’re in Los Angeles, most of us will be spending our down time soaking up rays and riding the waves at the beach. Our friends on the East coast aren’t going to be so lucky, and we hope Hurricane Earl’s impact is minimal. The National Weather Service just downgraded the storm to a category 1, which is good news for area residents. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you guys!Continue reading “Happy Labor Day!”

Commerce Connect Goes National

Practically every small business owner knows that the federal government notoriously favors large corporations over small businesses in a variety of ways. Huge corporations gobble up government contracts, grants, etc. leaving small businesses with almost nothing to latch onto. The Obama administration has repeatedly promised to reverse this unfortunate trend, but so far, there’s been very little activity to get excited about in this issue area.Continue reading “Commerce Connect Goes National”

Gearing up for the SMX-East!

AdMedia is excited to announce that several members of its marketing team will be attending the world renowned Search Marketing Expo East in New York City. The conference will be held from Oct. 4th-6th, and we will be there the entire time. This year’s program comes to us from the pros over at Search Engine Land, a site well known throughout the e-marketing industry.Continue reading “Gearing up for the SMX-East!”