New Dynamic Creative Feature Provides Personalized Ad Experience

The picture is said to be worth a thousand words. So, what if the picture is also worth a thousand dollars? Well, a research confirms that more than 85% of the Facebook’s Ad Performance is the result of a relative Image. People tend to hate seeing the same and same advertisement time and again.

It makes them maintain distance from such ads using their credentials.

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Facebook, on the other hand, has been planning to bring out Personalized Ad Experience on all its platforms. Thereby, it will also penalize the brands for using stale creatives and ads who bring the worst side of personalized creatives. How often has it been complex to determine the type of content working best for a particular set of the audience?

Often Advertisers spend lots of money, time and energy on finding out the best performing image for each audience. Facebook has made this easy by introducing Dynamic Creative Feature. This feature helps marketers to efficiently test their ads at a scale for a particular set of audience.

Personalized Ad Experience through Dynamic Creative Feature

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A Facebook press release gave the perfect definition of the Dynamic Creative Feature. It said,

‘Dynamic creative is a tool in Power Editor and the updated Ads Manager that automatically delivers the best combinations of your creative assets. It finds the best ad creative combinations by taking the components of the ad (images, videos, titles, descriptions, CTAs, etc.) and running different combinations of these assets across audiences.’

How will the Dynamic Creative Feature generate Personalized Ad Experience?

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Facebook had been trying to minimize the time and energy loss for its advertisers over the selection of images for audiences. The Dynamic Creative Feature will allow the advertisers to test a combination of up to 30 assets. It will have the following maximum restrictions per asset feed:

  1. 5 titles
  2. 10 Images or Videos
  3. 5 Bodies of text
  4. Five descriptions and
  5. 5 Calls to Actions (CTAs)

There will be a breakdown of research which the advertisers can see by selecting per asset. Here an asset means the kind of action you want on an item in the list. You will also be able to see the Results such as Cost per result and Click Thru Rate (CTR) or your creatives by each variable. You can even break it down to age and gender to know the specific details of your audiences. Knowing the kind of audience watching your creatives, it becomes easier for you to create specific content. Earlier there used to be no such addition to the Facebook Power Editor. There was no way in which the ads could be tested before even posting them on the FB.

What are the Benefits of Dynamic Creative Feature of Facebook?

This is a breakthrough Feature designed by Facebook to help advertisers test their ads in an atmosphere of confidence. They can even know their target audience without even thinking much about creatives. The benefits of Dynamic Creative Feature of Facebook include –

  • Creating multiple advertisements easier to post
  • Spending less time optimizing your ads
  • Saving lots of money and energy on advertisements weariness
  • Testing up to 50 creative variations to find the best ad

Why are Dynamic Creative Feature and Personalized Content Important?

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For gaining maximum attention and audience, the advertisers need to refresh their content regularly on Facebook. They must remain relevant to their audience in order to avoid paying the price for a low-quality score. Through this, the Facebook is finally trying to focus and encourage brands towards creating diverse and unique content and test their performance as well. It wants the users to get the best possible experience while scrolling their timelines and feed.

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