Native Advertising Strategy: How To Set Up A Successful Campaign

According to the latest research, the traditional form of advertising hasn’t been as effective as it once was. Today, more than 80% of individuals in the US are using at least one ad-blocking method. This makes it clear that if you are running a standard advertising campaign, you won’t get much attention. So, in order to reach the target audience and get the maximum results from the advertising strategy, one must incorporate native advertising into the marketing plan. 

In recent years, native ads have become the go-to form of advertising for reaping the benefits. As per the Statista report, the budget of native advertising was believed to increase from 35.24 billion USD to 52.75 billion USD by the end of 2020. Since these ads are non-intrusive and interesting, they don’t fade into the background. Rather they stand out from the crowd. The audience looks up to these ads as more trustworthy and engaging. And hence, they are proven to offer more clicks and sales than other formats. 

If the idea of enhanced reach, user interaction, and brand exposure sounds promising, native ads are the right fit for you. In this article, we are going to discuss how to set up native advertising and some tips that will assist you in getting the most out of your ad campaign. 

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Things To Consider While Setting Up Native Advertising

Native advertising is a highly effective lead-generation tool compared to traditional advertising. However, it should be properly implemented to maximize leads. Before you learn how to set up native advertising, let’s talk about some factors that must be considered:

– Who are your target audience?

– How will you measure success?

– Platform on which you will run your ad campaign

– Goals that you want to achieve from the campaign

– The type of native ads you want to run

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Steps For Running A Native Advertising Campaign

Starting with a new marketing strategy might be intimidating. To simplify the process and make it easy for you to understand how to set up native advertising, we have listed some steps to implement while running your campaign.

Step 1: Identify the campaign goals and define the target audience

To begin with, you need to nail your advertising strategy in order to make the campaign successful. For this, first, determine the goal you want to achieve with your campaign. It can be anything related to branding or performance like getting more sales, increasing web traffic, boosting brand visibility, and more. Regardless of what it is, the goal must be measurable, attainable, and specific. Once you are done determining your goal, you have to identify your target audience. It is to choose the people you want to reach or who you are planning the campaign. 

Step 2: Choose the right publisher 

The next step on how to set up native advertising is to pick the right publisher. There are several publishers available over the internet whom you can choose to work with. However, you must be wise with your decision because the native advertising audience is different from that of traditional or search advertising. While choosing the publisher, you can pay attention to your own reach and requirements, publishers’ location, devices, etc. Even after the launch of the campaign, you must keep track of stats so that you can change the publisher if needed. 

A service provider that will help you boost your advertising revenue is AdMedia. It is an online advertising service provider equipped with innovative techniques and ideas to take native advertising to the next level. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, you must get in touch with them and enjoy the ultimate offerings. 

Step 3: Develop valuable content and creatives

Content is the core of an advertising campaign and must be developed with careful consideration. Since the first impression is extremely important, try not to think like an advertiser but as a reader. It should be something that will appeal to the audience and lure them into responding in your favor. To ensure that your content is valuable, make sure it is informative, attractive, and in different forms like photos, graphics, videos, and more. Other than this, you must pay attention to appealing creatives like thumbnails, titles, etc. It will increase the chances of captivating customers and making them click through the advertisement.

Step 4: Determining total campaign spend

Once you are done with all the above steps, you need to allocate a budget to your campaign. This means determining CPC, i.e., Cost Per Click. This CPC is the amount that an advertiser spends every time someone clicks through the campaign. It should be identified carefully by considering your spending limit. You must learn how much you actually want to spend overall and then decide the CPC. At the initial stages, it is always wise to go for a higher CPC as it helps in bringing you to the forefront more quickly and provides you with more data to work with. 

Step 5: Test the campaign and Tweak it

The final step for how to set up native advertising is to launch the campaign only after testing. It helps determine the effectiveness and ensure that it delivers the goals you have set. The strategy of native advertising involves monitoring the campaign and making the changes as required. So, before launching, make sure you run a test and repeat it until you get satisfactory results. And even after the launch, you must keep an eye on the results to know whether it’s good, what changes need to be made, how you can make it more effective, etc. 

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Tips For Successful Native Advertising

To run a successful campaign, there are some tips that must be kept in mind. Knowing these tips will ensure maximum results from your advertising strategy. 

– Learn about your audience

– Cater to the user’s mindset

– Pick the right platform and the format

– Use different content for different niches

– Choose the audience that you have never targeted before

– Never skip running a test before launching the campaign

– Keep track of KPIs and make adjustments accordingly

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Bottom Line

In today’s scenario, native ads are gaining ground as one of the most effective forms of ad formats to attract more customers and increase revenue. If you are not already using it, it’s high time to incorporate it into your business and take your advertising to the next level. 

This article will help those worried about how to set up native advertising. All they require is to follow the aforementioned steps, and they’re all set to launch a successful and effective advertising campaign. However, to get the right guidance and supervision, reach out to AdMedia. AdMedia’s native advertising experts will assist in improving your brand awareness, attracting leads, and boosting your marketing sales. 

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