Most Memorable Movie Ad Campaigns of 2017

The past yearn was incredibly awesome with some of the biggest hits while some got completely entrenched into controversies. While some movie saw great openings to their fantastic trailers, some got lost in advertisement world’s frenzy tactics. Though this was a rough year for Hollywood as a whole, it can still be termed as one of the most innovative years when it comes to their Ad campaigns.

If we take accounts of the sold tickets, it was the worst theatrical summer since 1992 while the worst overall year since 1995.

The latest releases such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi as well as Jumanji brought some happiness to the box office by quickly becoming hits. The former soon left Beauty and the Beast and became the highest grossing movie of the year minting $522 million domestically while the later pulled some families too. But apart from these movies, Hollywood has been seeing it’s one of the worst possible days in the history as the movie-going getting a complete makeover these days. With the presence of digital platforms and other websites and people getting a busier day in and day out, the experiences have changed in the span of last 3-4 years barring those movies that create enough excitement in people through their Movie Ad Campaigns. Some of the movies got their fate completely overturned in a span of few days due to their movie trailers and ad campaigns. Here are some of the best movies Ad Campaigns for the year 2017 in no particular order –

The Lego Batman Movie

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Warner Bros. made one of the best promo videos for its franchise production to promote the 75-year-old legacy of the movie and it was highly unlikely that it would get repeated. After the character which has been voiced by Will Arnett, broke out in the year 2015’s The Lego Movie, it became completely inevitable that he would get his own movie. The campaign was centered to be a cash grab but compiled with humor which would appeal to all audiences and be a welcome, lighthearted change from the super dour Dark Knight of Batman V Superman the year before. I


Colossal was pretty much missed when Neon was released in the month of April this year but yet it’s out of the world techniques displayed in the advertisement won a million heart this year. Anne Hathaway plays Gloria; a woman whose life has is not together at all by any means. One day she discovers that she controls a giant Kaiju that randomly appears in Tokyo. It was not a massive campaign and did not attract a big audience but yet the calmness and solidarity displayed won hearts on the online mediums. The movie saw itself sold on the strong word of mouth campaign earned at the festival screenings and received praise from both its heart and dark sense of humor.

Wonder Woman

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One of the finest releases of the year with a lot of international praise, Wonder Woman campaign ran on all eight cylinders from the moment the first trailer was released at Comic-con 2016. The DC flick which was praised internationally for its vigor and strong screenplay portrayed a woman as a super girl and made the impossible seem possible suddenly. Anyone not moved by Diana’s proclamation to protect the innocent or who did not get chills when she walks out of the trenches alone to face the enemy on her own does just not believe. It was one ray of hope that women around the world need to come out of the barriers and do it for the humanity. It emerged as the strongest support base for those women across the aisles who face oppression day in and day out.


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