MediaPost SPIS June 2021: Discuss The Future Of Search!

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The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our globe badly. It has impacted all the industries, but the impact on advertising is worth considering. Even if the world returns back to normal, the complexity of the advertising industry will certainly not. The traditional tools for targeting and tracking customers are now dissolving because of the change in the shopping economy. Shopping across the world has shifted from conventional markets to online, where the buyers get ample opportunities to make the decision. This made it a daunting task for the brands to plan their growth strategies for the future.

Considering this issue, MediaPost’s Search and Performance Insider Summit is going to take place in the month of June 2021, both as an in-person and virtual event. For over 15 years now, the MediaPost has been helping marketers to survive in the industry and staying ahead of the industry curves by hosting Search and Performance Insight Summit (SSPI) annually. Again, this year, the MediaPost has come up with a June edition of the summit. In 2021, the conference is focused on the change in the ad industry amidst COVID-19 and the future of searches. The MediaPost SPIS June 2021 will emphasize sharing the best practices with the marketers and providing them with industry insights, ideas, case studies, and other practical knowledge. Make sure you take part in the summit and listen to what the industry leaders have to say.

MediaPost SPIS June 2021 Overview

The MediaPost summit is going to take place in June this year. At MediaPost SPIS June 2021 annual conference, various marketers and agencies will come up and demonstrate how they all are dealing with the three critical challenges of the market that data-driven performers face: the targeting and measurement of post-cookies, navigation of the sea of purchase buttons in the era of online shopping, and increasing the sales with video performance.

This year, the premium sponsor of the summit 2021 is no other than If you are looking forward to the event, you must be aware that the summit has just a limited number of persons allowed to attend the event in person, including the brands, sponsors, and VIP guests. But don’t worry, you can participate in the MediaPost SPIS June 2021 as a virtual event. If you are curious to obtain an insight into the future of search in 2021 and beyond, you must get yourself registered for attending the summit virtually. It’s time to discuss the ideas and get the solutions. Here is some more information about the MediaPost SPIS June 2021.

Event Date: June 14 – 15, 2021

Summit Type: In-Person and Virtual Event

Event Venue: The Carolina Hotel, Pinehurst, NC

Topic For Discussion: Cookies, Shopping, Streaming: The Performance Challenges Ahead:

Timing: The event will start at 12 P.M. and will continue till 8:30 PM

Virtual Event: via ZOOM

List Of Event Sponsors




Perform Media

Schedule of MediaPost SPIS June 2021

“Monday, June 14, 2021”

12:00 PMOpening Remarks

12:10 PMKeynote by Yogi Jashnani 

12:35 PM Sponsor Spotlight by AdMedia

12:45 PM Panel Discussion on “The Post-Cookie Strategy”

  1. Panelist: Jonathan Kagan, Mark Kapczynski, & Diane Sidden
  2. Moderator: Lisa Singer

01:10 PMSponsor Spotlight by Perform Media

  • Presenter: Mark Jones, Head of Sales
  • Topic: Reaching Buyers Without Cookies

01:20 PMCase Study: A Performance Video on Amazon

  • Presenter: Mike Dattilo

01:40 PMRoundtable: Discussion with the marketers 

  • Featuring: Diane Sidden and Matt Tingley
  • Topic: Testing, Testing & More Testing: Preparing for a Cookie-less Future

02:00 PM In-Person Activities at Pinehurst Resort, NC

07:30 PMCocktail Party (only Sponsors and VIP guests allowed)

08:30 PM Dinner (only Sponsors and VIP guests allowed)

“Tuesday, June 15, 2021”

12:00 PMWelcome Back Speech & declaration of Search and Performance Marketer survey results

12:10 PMKeynote and Q&A Session 

  • Interviewee: Griff Garwood
  • Interviewer: Steve Smith

12:35 PM Sponsor Spotlight by New Programmatic 

  • Presenter: Maciej Rembieliński, Business Development Director
  • Topic: Ad Formats for Cookie-Less World

12:45 PM Panel Discussion on “Amazon and Beyond: The Retail Media Network Opportunity”

  • Panelist: Ryan Holleley and Clayton McLaughlin
  • Moderator: Kerry Curran

01:10 PMContest: Search & Performance Trivia

01:20 PMPresentation on “Sustained Innovation Through Creativity, Technology & Data”

  • Presenter: Ivonne Kinser

01:40 PMRoundtable: Group Discussion 

  • Featuring: Brandon Cook and Joseph Sanfratello
  • Topic: Let the Robots Do the Walking: Managing Walled Garden Automation

02:00 PM In-Person Activities at the location

07:30 PMCocktail Party (only Sponsors and VIP guests allowed)

08:30 PM Dinner (only Sponsors and VIP guests allowed)

Featured Speakers of MediaPost SPIS June 2021

Brandon CookClean Origin– Director of Marketing
Mike DattiloLexmark– Director Of Marketing Operations
Griff GarwoodMarriott International– Senior Director, Digital Marketing
Ryan HolleleyGlanbia Performance Nutrition– Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Yogi JashnaniIdeal Image– Chief Commercial Officer
Jonathan Kagan9Rooftops– VP, Search
Mark KapczynskiGooten– CMO & Co-Founder
Ivonne KinserAvocados From Mexico– Head of Digital Marketing
Clayton McLaughlinLabelium– Managing Director, Chicago
Joseph SanfratelloHubble Contacts– VP of Performance Marketing
Diane SiddenCisco- Global Digital Marketing Consultant / Growth Marketing
Matt TingleyHuge- Group Director of SEO
Kerry CurranCatalyst– Executive Director, Marketing & Growth, GroupM Performance
Lisa SingerMediaPost– Event Editorial Manager
Steve SmithMediaPost– VP, Editorial Director, Events

In-Person Activities On The Summit

“Monday, June 14, 2021”

(Timings: 2 PM to 7:30 PM)

  • Golf at Pinehurst Resort

On the first day of the MediaPost SPIS June 2021, all the attendees who will sign up for the activity will get access to the classic golf course of Pinehurst. No. 2 or No. 8 are the courses that will be open for people to enjoy the sport. 

Price- $370.00

  • A Brewery Tour at Pinehurst

This is another source of entertainment at MediaPost SPIS June 2021. If you are attending the summit in person, not the virtual event, the guests will get an opportunity to enjoy a brewery tour. Pinehurst Brewery is a 10-minutes walk from the venue of the summit. On tour, you will gain insight into the brewery’s working, taste outstanding craft beers, and have a Q&A session with the brewers. 

Price- $75.00

“Tuesday, June 15, 2021”

(Timings: 2 PM to 7:30 PM)

  • Golf

On day 2 of MediaPost SPIS June 2021, the attendees will get a chance to enjoy the game at the legendary course – No. 4 or No. 5. Both of these courses are entirely classic and amazing to enjoy this luxurious sport.

Price: $290.00

  • Golf at “The Cradle” Par-3 Course

The Cradle is one of the most enjoyable 10 acres of a golf course in the world. It is a perfect trip for the golfers who are not so serious about the game but want to have fun. A Par-3 course has a nine-hole short course and a separate 18-hole course. This makes the game more enjoyable for the MediaPost SPIS June 2021 guests. 

Price: $50.00

  • Historic Walking Tour of Pinehurst Village

All the MediaPost SPIS June 2021 guests will get a chance to step back into the history of North Carolina by taking a historic walking tour. Attendees will be taken to the village of Pinehurst to explore the first hotel, theater building, and several performances. It is an approximately two miles tour.

  • Beach Day at Pinehurst Lake

The last activity is to enjoy the beach at the MediaPost SPIS June 2021 summit. Pinehurst has a private lake of 200-acre where the guests can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, fishing, or boating. It is a short ride from the hotel, but the experience will definitely be surreal.
Note: The cocktail and dinner party is free of cost for all the registered attendees. However, other guests or family members of the attendees will be required to sign up for the activities from here. $98.00 will be charged per guest.

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