Marketing Innovation

How Email Marketing Gives The Best Bang for Your Buck

Email marketing is one of the best tools for your business. Over the years, innovation has brought about many changes in digital marketing strategies. Many online marketing tools are available today that assert to enhance traffic and boost conversion rates. But, even after this astounding number of new and amazing resources like video marketing, SEO, […]

3 Keyword Research Techniques on Social Media in 2020

Have you ever come across the keyword research techniques on social media? Do you know how your business can take a quantum jump with that idea? That fine line of difference between the social media & search engine optimization is not that clear to many of the Digital Marketing experts including beginners, mid-level, and even […]

Posts to Share During COVID-19 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn has prepared a list of suggested posts during COVID-19.  As we have noticed how the graph of LinkedIn activity has suddenly shot up with the outbreak of coronavirus.  With the increase in LinkedIn activity, the type of content people are interested in reading has also changed. This dramatic shift has come to picture through […]

How to Enhance the Conversion Rate of Your Website?

To understand how to enhance the conversion rate of your website, it is important to first understand what conversion rate is. Let’s understand about Conversion rate. Always calculated in the percentage form, the conversion rate is actually the ratio of your website visitors over the ones who actually get converted. There are various ways of […]

Why a ‘Free Virtual Lunch And Learn’ Program is Important?

Imagine enjoying the quarantine period by staying safe and healthy at home. But, then an important meeting arises that can’t be missed. A total mood spoiler? Amidst the chaos of coronavirus, quarantine has become the need of this hour. These mood spoilers are what everyone needs to get over. Staying at home and maintaining a […]

Different Content Types for Marketing Your Business!

Are you thinking about Different Content Types for Marketing Your Business?  If you have been relying on one or two content types, you will understand this question.  Most people think that Content Marketing is just about Blogging and a few other content types like social media marketing. But, that’s not actually true. Content Marketing is […]

Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Marketing strategies during COVID-19 pandemic – so, the question is how to formulate a sustainable & customer-centric plan? Over a few decades, the digital marketing industry has grown leaps and bounds and, it has been booming since then! Today, Digital marketing has become a very important tool for all businesses.  Even when the world […]

How Re-targeting Can Help Boost their Business?

If one has noticed that when one visits a website and click on a certain button on all products, one will start receiving ads related to it. one will even start receiving the ads on different social media sites or websites that one visit after that. Not just websites or social media sites for even […]

Stay Ahead in Instagram Marketing with These Tips: 2020

There are over 800 million monthly users of Instagram. Out of which more than 60 million photos every day also researches shows 1.6 billion likes are daily recorded on this site. There are so many influencers and big names on Instagram that it has become the new platform for influential branding. There are many big […]

7 Silly Mistakes Every Professional Content Writer Must Avoid

You must have heard that we all learn from our mistakes! And no one in this world is perfect to jot down their thoughts without mistakes. If you make mistakes while writing despite being a professional content writer, no worries, you are no exception! Take it easy! Whether you are a content writer or managing […]

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