Job Seeker Uses Billboard Ad to Find Employment

Here’s an interesting use of billboard ads. Unemployed grad, Adam Pacitti buys a billboard ad where he claims that he spent his last £500 (on the said billboard) in an attempt to get people to hire him. The billboard displays a URL to his website, which hosts his Video CV detailing his experience and accomplishments.

According to Mail Online, he got the idea “after sending off at least 250 CVs and only getting two interviews.” He told reporters that he “called in favours from friends and asked studios, and made the video, and decided to post the billboard in London, because that’s where most of the jobs are.”

About Adam

Cheesy? Absolutely. But as gimmicky as his efforts are, Adam’s work isn’t half bad. He graduated with a degree in Media Production (First Class Honors) from the University of Winchester, and was behind a number of viral video campaigns including “The Girl of My Dreams” which got featured on worldwide TV and had over 4 million unique hits, “Pinefall” a documentary that garnered more than 100,000 eyeballs on YouTube, and “Everything’s Bigger” which raked in more than 80,000 views on YouTube.

Adam’ employment campaign went viral, practically overnight. After publishing a photo of his billboard online, Adam said that he “ten re-Tweets in an hour”. That led to more than 7,000 RTs and media coverage from some of the biggest sources online.

The Result

So did Adam finally get hired? We’re don’t know, but we’re pretty sure it’s just a matter of time. But in the off chance that he isn’t getting any job offers yet, we highly suggest that he use Remarketing to bring employers back to his site. He should also consider using Cross Channel Advertising to serve up banner, mobile, video ads and more so he can really dominate the online ad realm. After all, he already has physical ad space covered, why not take it to cyber space as well? (Just saying.)

A Growing Trend?

Adam isn’t the first jobless individual to launch a viral “I need a job” campaign online. In 2011, unemployed product marketer Matthew Epstein launched the Google Please Hire Me campaign in an attempt to land a job at (you guessed it) Google. Like Adam, Matthew set up a website along with an  online video that spread like wildfire online.

This stunt did get him an interview with the search giant, and he was even contacted by other tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce, among others. In the end, Matthew didn’t get a job with the mighty Google, but he did land a product marketing manager position at a San Francisco-based startup, SigFig.

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