Instagram Brings Suggested Posts in Users’ Main Feed

Users will soon get “suggested posts” in their feeds just below the “you’re all caught up” section. This will highlight content from people a particular user is following but may be interested in. This suggested post section will show up after the “You’re all caught up” section (that tells you have covered everything from people you are following).

‘“Suggested Posts”: New section in Users’ main feed.

This section will appear right after “You’re all caught up.” This is a new addition by the social media giant Instagram where users can get to see updates from people they are not following. The main feed used to be all loaded with updates from people that the particular user is following. However, there have been sponsored posts showing in the main feed from advertisers, but it is used to be none from other users not being followed.

Instagram will now allow organic content in the users’ main feed from people they are not following. This will also later be updated for users who do not want to see these updates.

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Let’s see how the new “Suggested Posts” will work?

This works like — when a particular user is all caught with everything from people they are following, a list of the suggested post would be shown up in the user’s feed. Once the user has scrolled through the bottom of the feed there will be another option to see “View Older Posts”. The user will be brought to the suggested post once he will scroll down the feed.

Users can keep scrolling, and they will be shown more and more content until the user gets to something he is interested in. Some may feel that the suggested post is similar to the “Explore” but the suggested post would show up with extensively different content than what is shown in the Explore section.

How will the content in the “Suggested Posts” be different from “Explore”?

While in the explore section a user is shown with a broader range of content, the “suggested posts” section will contain content that is similar to content that the user is seeing from the list of people they are already following. This section will be curated to provide the users with content that is related to their past activities on their accounts.

The official Instagram statement on the same says, “When scrolling through Feed, you may see Suggested Posts after you’ve seen all the most recent posts from accounts you follow. These suggestions are based on posts from accounts like the ones you follow and posts similar to the ones you like or save.”

What if the User isn’t Interested?

Instagram has also provided an option in case the user does not like a particular post. If there is a specific post, the user isn’t interested in — he can send feedback to Instagram, which will clearly have a mention in the future posts. At the top of every post, there will be a three-dots icon — the user can simply select the “Not interested” icon if they are not interested in it. And, this suggested post section, in addition to organic, posts will also have sponsored ads. There won’t be any Reels content or IGTV — the organic posts in the “suggested posts” will contain only videos & photos.

How Users are Reacting to this New Update from Instagram?

There has been a flood of criticism about this update from users. Users are constantly questioning this update on three different grounds including:

  • The “suggested post” update will create a negative impact on millions of users of Instagram as it may lead to the user spending more time on their phone.
  • The update looks like TikTok.
  • It’s frustrating for users to see updates from people they are not even following.

Instagram has clarified that the aim is to help users make the best of their time once they have all caught up. It says most people seek posts after they have caught up everything in their feed — so Instagram wanted a platform where users can look easily for what they are interested in.

Well, let’s see what Instagram has for its users. While many people are critical about this new addition to the users’ Instagram feed, it may give us a clear idea when the feature is finally added. The “Suggested post”, according to Instagram is for all those users who inquisitively look for posts from people they are not following. Instagram says that the goal is to just save users time and help them make a mindful selection on what they would like to see once they’re all caught up with their own feed.

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