Inject Gives You More Ways to Monetize Your Content and Creations

Contrary to what others might think, online publishers aren’t limited to bloggers and website owners (at least not in this ad network). To us here at AdMedia, software, toolbar, and app developers are included in the publisher family too, which is why we give them tons of opportunities to monetize their creations.

If you’re a publisher who wants to make money off your downloadable items, check of Thanks to nifty platform, creators of toolbars and other downloadable products are able to earn extra revenue simply by adding a single line of Java Script. Inject lets you serve up different types of ads, depending on your program and you can even customize each ad to ensure that it fits in well with look, feel, and content of your product. also provides a white-label version to ensure that it fully integrates with your brand.

Ad Types

Question: So what exactly are the kinds of advertisements that you can serve up with Inject?

Answer: Whatever you like. allows you to use multiple ad type, so you have several ways make money. The platform doesn’t limit publishers from displaying ads . We put you in the driver’s seat, so you can steer your toolbars and programs towards any direction you want.

Below is a glimpse of some of the publisher ad solutions that you can access with Inject:

Display – Use the power of classic display ads to turn heads and grab people’s attention. Select from a variety of categories and ads to target relevant users.

PreRoll – Take display ads to the next level with video! PreRoll advertisements have the power to engage viewers and increase anticipation. Don’t worry; our system will see to it that the ads being served up are related to your product, giving more clicks and even more revenue.

Search – Incorporate Search XMLL feeds into your program to supplement user curiosity. Give them the ability to search for helpful and relevant information right from your toolbar or app.

Intext – Is your product heavy on text and content? Then Intextual ads could be for you.  These advertisements unobtrusively appear as underlined keywords in a body of text. When users hover over these words, a relevant ad and search box will appear to complement their browsing experience. These ads are also great space savers because they blend in perfectly with the flow of your content.

Overlay ads – Does your product have images in it? Then make the most out of them with image overlay ads. These adverts are displayed on top of images and are proven to get eyeballs and clicks. They won’t disrupt user experience either, since our overlay ads all come with a close button for users who aren’t interested.

Footer Toolbar – Tap into the power of social with FooterRoll. This product appears as a horizontal toolbar that contains an expandable ad, together with other features, including social links, a search box, and more. The FooterRooll toolbar is extremely effective both in earning you revenue and getting you more social fans and followers at the same time.

Image credit:  DonkeyHotey on Flickr

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