Influencer Campaign Generation- Some Easy DIY Tools

In the present market scenario, influencers have become the force of revenue generation. Brands have a knack for picking influencers campaign to influence their followers about their wide range of products. If still, you haven’t signed up for a pool of influencers to advertise your product, you are almost lagging up.

So, buckle up and build a brand DIY style by engaging some influencers. In the following blog, we bring you some awesome tools to get your influencer campaign underway. You will be able to easily tackle the essential components of influencer identification, communication, activation, and management.

Why is the Influencer Campaign so Important?

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Influencer campaigns are so important given the fact that they are outbound and have a perspective approach. Influencers have real-time followers who are dedicated and follow them easily. Brands outline that influencer campaigns have more potential for conversion into leads than the other forms of advertising and campaigning. The other benefit of influencer marketing includes the rate chart. The rate charged by an influencer would be somewhat low than other forms if you go into detailing plus there is assured benefits. Hence influencer campaigns are so attractive and in practice these days.

Tools for Influencer Campaign generations

Here are some of the simple DIY tools recommended by our experts in the field who recommend them. These tools can ease off the extra burden of the influencer marketing manager and relieve him of the awkward burden of proofreading every influencer. So, what are the DIY tools for Influencer campaigns? –

Searching and Selecting Influencer

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For searching and selecting influencer campaigns, the brands and websites should use the following tools –

  1. Social Blade – This awesome technology would retroactively review accounts of the influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch to screen them for growth patterns and account regularities.
  2. Calculator (Spreadsheet Formulas) – The influencer marketing managers can use this tool to easily calculate basic calculations like Campaign Acceptance Rate and Single Submission Success Rate. Through this, they can determine the influencer campaign timelines.
  3. Social Platform Search and Review Techniques – You can yourself search platforms to know your influencers through tags, content types, suggested users, locations, and niche keywords. Here the advantage lies in manually searching the content and keywords used by the influencer you are willing to target.

For Communication and On-boarding Influencer campaign

  1. Facebook Messenger and Such Apps – If you really wish to target a certain influencer, contacting them directly on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram may not be a bad idea. These self-made influencers love the idea of being informal and you can take on that idea to be a little informal. You must be genuine, personal and respect their niche despite your purpose being completely different. Once you have had a good chat and agree to work together, only then send the proposal through mailing services and become a bit formal.
  2. Google Docs and Sheets – Now How will you manage the Influencer Campaign? To organize the campaigns, Google drive can be a cost-effective alternative. You can have a campaign dedicated Google doc which would be effective and easy to use.
  3. MailChimp, Gmail & Related Email Tools: With up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month free forever with no credit card required, you can’t beat Mailchimp’s ease of use for influencer communication and correspondence. Gmail is always great as well, with custom domain emails starting at just $5 per month with G Suite.
  4. DocuSign – DocuSign is a great alternative to formal mailing. You get the ability to send agreements for signatures and receive them easily. This is also integrated with Dropbox and Google and is available at a great price of only $3 per month.

Planning and Activating Influencer Campaign

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For planning and activating Influencer campaign, you Can have the following options –

  1. QuickBooks – This is the best in class application to track payments to contracts for the entire year. If your team is planning a high volume of influencer making campaigns, they will need a tool to keep up 1099’s, logging completed work and separating vendor expenses. This is the tool you must need.
  2. PayPal Activation – Most of the Influencers in states and Europe prefer payment over PayPal as it is handy to use and have no big issues with it. In addition, integration into your accounting software like Quickbooks can further streamline how your billing and payment teams process information for state and federal tax compliance.

Management and Reporting

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  1. Google Spreadsheet – You can use the Google spreadsheet to easily organize the influencer campaign while manage and calculate simple post-performance measurements.
  2. Native Social Measurement Tools – Each social network has their own measurement capabilities and functionally. Explore how each platform can complement your influencer efforts, like using Insights for branded content on Instagram for example.
  3. Google Analytics – This is a must as you can get general information about the landing pages, product specific information. Also running comparative channel traffic analysis from before, during and after campaigns is easy with this.
  4. Bitly – This is another excellent platform to track clicks, referral channels and top locations of search coming from. It is a great tool for tracking top sales funnel metrics or a specific influencers traffic referral ability.

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