In-Text Advertising

On-line marketing is growing increasingly sophisticated with each passing day. One of the most innovative on-line marketing campaign strategies available today is in-line text advertising. The era of huge, annoying pop up ads is slowly fading and rightfully so. Computer users often employ pop up blocking software to keep these irritating ads from ruining their browsing experience and to ward off potential virus attacks.Indeed, customers are more likely to think of harmful bugs when they see a pop up ad, which means they are more likely to get rid of it without bothering to read its text. This wastes valuable capital you can’t afford to lose.

The good news is that in-line text ads are a viable alternative that are considerably more effective. You have probably noticed these ads while checking out your favorite sites. These ads work because they are found within an article or other content that the user already wants to see. That means there are no surprises and you get the added benefit of being automatically associated with someone the user really trusts. In-text has a proven track record that produces results; CNN Money doesn’t lie. In-text ads are versatile in the sense that they can function for lead generation, general traffic, and conversions. These ads are used by some of the largest companies in the world, but AdMedia specializes in bringing big solutions to small businesses.

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