How to Improve Google Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Generic Search results can do wonder for your website. Not only will it increase the chances of upping your rank on the Google SERP but also the Click-Through Rate (CTR). So, if you run a website, you would definitely want it to top the ranks and charts and expect more visitors coming to your site pages.

But how would you improve Google Click-Through Rate for your websites? In the secrecy that Google maintains, what is your secret recipe? Check out the blog to know more here –

How does Google Measure the Site optimization?

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Google uses a specific search engine algorithm to mark sites who complete the necessities to be ranked first on the SERP. It is a mathematical formula which dissects, ranks and displays every website and webpage on the Internet. The algorithm changes regularly and Google releases updates very frequently. In that line, the company unveiled its latest algorithm recently in April 2018. The only way to fit the content with that of the requirements of Google is to focus on high-quality writing with utmost relativity. While formulating this content, the marketers and the brands must keep in mind that they are writing or producing content for the general public who would want the simplest of the data. While on the other hand, the companies want better CTR and conversions. To get both of this together, here are some of the ways to improve Google Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Ways to improve Google Click-Through Rate (CTR) –

To increase the resulting visibility as well as to greet audiences with great content, here are some of the ways which can be used to improve the Google Click-Through Rate (CTR). But do not depend on various ways shown in various blogs and books. We have compiled some best formulas from Rand Fishkin’s blog and Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Learn these to rank your website and increase the CTR as well as purchase value.

Platform and Themes of the Websites

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Google gives utmost priority to the platforms on which the websites have been designed. You can always use WordPress to design your site from scratch. Here you will also be able to select a pre-designed theme which matches with the industry you are looking for. Almost 25% of the sites have been built on the platform. Google prefers such sites because of their simplicity and yet they are diverse in nature. They are maintained and can host data in a varied format. This is a very impressive method to Improve Google Click-Through Rate (CTR).

High Quality and Relevant Content

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For any person or website or a blogger or a small local business or big e-commerce portal, content proves to be the most important aspect. Here as a blogger or content provider, the utmost duty should be to provide relative content. You must aim to be treated as an expert on the topics that you write about or the products or services that your sale. Hence, you must fill the pages of your site with such relevant content. This should be interesting, unique and helpful to most people in order to Improve Google Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Use of Direct and Indirect Ranking Factors

There are some direct and indirect ranking factors also which prove to be a great factor for Google SERP. While the direct factors are those which the Google’s Algorithm looks for, the indirect factors include the things directing traffic to your site. Direct Ranking factors include backlinks, page load time and Keyword density. The Indirect ranking factors include Facebook Shares, Pinterest Pins, Retweets as well as celebrity and influencers engagement. Increases traffic leads to the generation of high CTR.

SEO friendly and Optimizable Content for CTR

SEOs play a vital role in optimizing the sites and ranking factors as well. It is important that content is SEO friendly and has all the ingredients such as a page title, description, user reviews, location, inventory, and Author descriptions as well. If the content is structured properly, it will be easy for the Google’s bots to categorize and optimize it for display on the SERP.

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