Important Guidelines for Conducting Virtual Meetings

As a result of the fear of further havoc that can further result from the crisis of corona, companies have temporarily moved to the virtual model. Everyone is working from home, and the meetings and conferences are being better conducted via Virtual mode. 

Amidst all the ruckus that Coronavirus has brought with it, Virtual meetings & virtual mode of working are the only things that create the thread of hope. But, Virtual meetings are completely different from the real ones. There are too many issues & too many new problems to address that you can’t do without.

So, when we are all going further with this new mode of meeting with our clients/employees/colleagues, there has to be a certain set of guidelines or rules without which the results cannot get you anywhere. Keeping in mind the fact that almost the world has moved to the virtual mode (wherever applicable), we have prepared this Virtual meeting Guidebook.

Let’s read to find out how you can make a virtual meeting more effective. Here we go:

  1. Create your own Professional workspace.

A Carpeted room: An uncarpeted room may produce distracting sound. On the other hand, a room that has soft & carpeted furnishing ~ meeting inside such a room will create the best audio sound. 

Don’t have a deep-colored Background: Having a neutral colored background is one of the simplest ways to a successful virtual meeting. If you can have bookcases, some office plants & photo frames in the background, that would be the most appropriate way of conducting virtual meetings. Anything that is distracting in the background can diminish the effect of whatever you are trying to say.

Have proper lighting in the space: The space you are going to have this virtual meeting should have proper lighting around. Make sure that there is proper space that can fall properly on your face when the meeting occurs. If there could be two desk lights on either side, it would make your video call easier. According to the day, you can adjust these lights so that proper lights fall on your face. 

Use Laptop not Phone: While a lot of people use their phones as using the app is an easy option. But, that’s not actually a great idea. That does not give you proper time & space to note down important points. Trying to hold & balance the phone is just impossible. Therefore, using a laptop is the best way out for a virtual meeting. 

  1. Make sure you are in a Technically sound environment

Testing Technology: It is almost that no technical issue occurs, but there are always ways you can reduce the chances of technical issues occurring less. Before your virtual meet or conference starts, you must make sure that all the equipment is working well. 

Positioning the Webcam properly is important: Another important part of the game is placing your webcam properly. While most people place their laptops on their desks, resulting in the webcam getting placed in an awkward position. Putting it in a way that both parties could see each other in their Eyes is the best position. You can do that by placing the laptop on the top box’s top.  

A Good Microscope is Important: If you use a good microphone, the sound is clear and there is almost no interference. Use an external mic – it sounds better than any inbuilt mic. And, in case, you are not willing to invest in buying an external mic, you can easily use the microphone that comes with your phone. 

  1. Treat the Meeting as a real one

Dress up professionally: When it is an audio call, there is this liberty to just wear those fuzzy slippers & lose pajamas, but this won’t be considered good enough when it’s a video conferencing or a video call. You have to look professional and dress up as you would have, had it been an in-office meeting. And, it’s not just about the upper part that is visible throughout the meeting, but you also have to take care of what bottom wear you are putting in at the time of the meeting. Because that is what will make you feel confident throughout and will definitely affect how you are speaking.

Make sure all Notifications are off: Before the meeting starts, make sure that all the notifications are either turned off or are put on the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Don’t ever think that you can ignore them. In case, you are sharing the screen, this is going to be tough managing, as you won’t like everyone to see what else you are doing. 

Do not look at the screen, look into the camera: If you have not done a video call or a virtual meeting before, this may be a little tough for you. But, you have to understand that, when you are talking to a particular person, you have to look into the camera and not at the screen image. This will help in creating a strong & effective connection with whoever you are talking to. 


These are some of the important Guidelines for Conducting Virtual Meetings. You have to think beyond the general myth that Virtual meetings are any different than in-office meetings. As the overall agenda, the purpose of the meeting is the same. 

The team manager can also use different ways to encourage team attendees & participants. There could be some light talks, small games to play & even a free lunch at the time of the meeting is important. One of such innovative initiatives by AdMedia, FREE Virtual lunch & learn program is one of the most perfect examples of encouraging the participants. 

While we are going through tumultuous times, a dose of encouragement is very important. So, if you are thinking of virtual meetings, try some innovative initiatives that will definitely make the session interesting & productive.

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