How to monetize “Thank You” pages

If you are an affiliate with quality traffic, there is another way to earn additional revenue.

Most affiliates provide some sort of “Thank You” page for consumers who participate in a type of action. That action could be signing up on the website, participating in a survey, or making a purchase.

What most publishers don’t know, is that “Thank You” pages are prime real estate for advertisers. Why? When a customer participates in an action on your website, they wait for the “Thank You” page to ensure that their transaction has been completed. This means that the consumer is in-tuned to what’s going on, on their screen.

This is a great time for advertisers to hit consumers with relevant advertisements. They can provide targeted advertisements with help from the content on your website. You provide advertisers with quality leads, and they in-turn set higher bidding prices.

You earn revenue for incorporating a simple code to your site, which generates highly relevant advertisements. Consumers click, and you get paid.

How can you start advertising on your website’s “Thank You” page? Sign up with AdMedia, and follow the easy step by step guide for implementing your code. Once the code has been created and placed on your site, you can start earning.

Get started today!

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