How to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2020?

Want to increase your Instagram followers in 2020? 

To identify the glitches & the drawbacks, it is first important to identify the issue. 

So where’s the issue?

Most often people think that there is no such thing about their business that they can create Instagram posts, which is a complete myth & mess.

According to a study, around 25 million business accounts on Instagram were opened. And, businesses spent $7 billion over the Instagram advertisement. 

This clarifies that businesses are interested in investing in Instagram advertising. 

And, no matter, if you are a traditional B2B company or a B2C company, you must work to increase Instagram followers. 

Thinking that there is nothing that you can post. Posting on Instagram will do nothing but take away the opportunity from you to strengthen your customer base. 

Hire creative & innovative individuals who will do the job for you.

To help you with this, we have prepared this comprehensive list of the best ways to increase Instagram followers. Read the full blog to find out more. Here we go:

Top Ways to Increase Instagram Followers in 2020:

  1. The Instagram Bio of your Business Does Play a Role

The Instagram bio that you have designed does matter. It must include call-to-action, a link & some branded hashtags. 

This is the most important and the first place where customers will discover you. Therefore, you have to be very convincing, but at the same time, it should not sound too desperate. 

This is where people will decide whether they want to follow you or not. 

And, you must make sure that it is being updated at regular intervals whenever required, or whenever there is some new information across. 

  1. Start with an Instagram Editorial Calendar

To start with the best part of the game is taking time to design an Instagram Editorial calendar. 

When we create content, we brainstorm on finding new ideas, research & then finally making it look SEO friendly. 

But then when it’s about Instagram or precisely social media posts, the general feeling is “we cannot afford to give it so much of time”. There are other important tasks on the platter to accomplish. 

But, that’s a wrong approach! You must reconsider this approach unless it pays you.

Pay attention when you are sharing text, videos & photos over the business Instagram account. Because then millions of people have access to that content. They may like or not like according to what you are sharing.

The best way is to have an experienced person dedicatedly working on what’s being posted. He must make sure that this content is in line with the industry’s standards. 

You can sit & brainstorm and curate content that appeals to your audience. Consider sharing about holidays, seasons, upcoming events, anything new happening in the organization, articles, and more. 

While you must create a plan in advance, you can always incorporate new ideas when they come to your mind. 

Prepare your library of ideas & keep incorporating new ideas when they come to your mind!

  1. Point to Instagram from Your Website & Relevant Channels

The business rule says that all of your & prospective clients & customers find your Instagram business account. You can do that by embedding an Instagram icon on the website and linking ]it actually to the account. 

You can also link your Instagram business account from the business signature you use. 

And, to make it more relevant, you can make your website to be fed directly by the latest posts on the website. 

This is one of the best ways to promote your Instagram account. This makes it easy for all the customers who regularly visit your website to discover your Instagram account. 

  1. Checking on with Different Filters & Dimensions will Help

So, do you think it has to be all formal? Eve on a fun space like Instagram? 

No that’s not true! Yes, of course, there has to be some decorum, but that’s not always true. 

Even if it’s an official account, you must experiment with filters & dimensions to make it look attractive. In fact, you must also use filters on the content you are posting. 

The reason is obvious – the idea beyond using filters & other features indicate towards attracting more and more people to see it. So, don’t hesitate to use filters. 

And, to your surprise, you must also download an effective photo editing app to give a touch up to your photos before posting them. 

Talking about the dimensions, you must not restrict yourself just to the square format. You can go for portrait & landscape as per the type of photo used. Many surveys have shown that the portrait dimension performs better than square & landscape in terms of engagement. 

  1. Cross-post Your Instagram Content to Facebook & Twitter

Another important way to increase your Instagram followers is harnessing the power of cross-posting your content on Facebook & Twitter. 

This will be helpful in bringing those customers to your Instagram account who are there on the other social media sites, but they have not been able to find you on Instagram. 

So, with this cross-posting, this group of customers will surely come to visit your Instagram account. 

If that’s fine with you, it’s simple to go to settings and switch to automatically post to Facebook & Twitter or you can also do that manually for every post. 

  1. Instagram Analytics to analyze the Performance of your Posts

All Instagram business accounts are free! You can create one anytime. 

This Instagram Business account gives an insightful analysis of the data when and where your audience is most active. 

You can use this data wisely to get your posts optimized. 

In addition to this analytics, Instagram will also get you with insights into the gender, age & location of your customers. So, make use of this data to be able to be found by more and more people. 

  1. CTAs & Questions incorporated in the Post Work Well

CTA (Call-to-action) is an important part of the game!

Therefore, you must make sure to include a CTA at the bottom of every post. You can also include a question that aims at boosting the engagement.  Some example CTAs include “Follow us & you won’t miss an update”, “Go to the link in bio to know more about us”, and more. 

You can also use an engaging question about your product at the end. Like if you own a gift selling website, in a post you are talking about birthday gifts, you can add a question like “Tell us what birthday you are expecting from your bf this year?” – Comment.

Here you need to be a little creative!

This is all about tapping into the nerves of your customers and finding out what they expect from you. 

Here are some other important ways on how to  Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2020:

  1. Run Contests
  2. Use High-Resolution Photos
  3. Comment, Follow & Like on other’s posts

So, these are some of the best ways on how to  Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2020. To gravitate more customers to your Instagram business account & Get ads that look amazing and capture users’ attention visit With this little attempt, your business will acquire immense strength to grow leaps & bounds.

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