How to Help Small Businesses during the Coronavirus Crisis

It is just about yesterday that we were all doing fine, walking fearlessly on the streets, and doing what we wanted to do. But, now the story has completely changed. The world looks upside down for each one of us. 

While the effect can be seen in every industry, be it big or small. But, the small businesses, which were functioning on a very low budget, targeting for the numbers to double in the coming years, the crisis of coronavirus has simply brought forward a situation that’s hard to handle. 

It is all of us, be it big or small, rich or poor, who together build the nation. Amidst this worldwide emergency like situation, it is our social obligation to help each other. It is our responsibility to look after & take care of those who are in need.

One such part of the working class is small businesses. When the whole national machinery is going through this health crisis, it’s no surprise that the small businesses too are suffering in a similar way. 

To be precise, they are suffering more than many other industries. Therefore, those who are well-off must answer them and help them through this crisis of corona in any way possible. This article will help you if you are looking out for ways to, this precisely prepared comprehensive guide will help for sure. 

Read the full article to find out, How to Help Small Businesses during the Coronavirus Crisis. Here we go:

  1. Stay Home

One of the best things that you can do to help these small businesses is by staying home. If you are feeling ill ~ with any type of cough, cold, fever, or sore throat, just stay back home or it may hurt those COVID warriors who are working out. By staying home, you can make sure that it does not affect the employees who are working for these small businesses. This when you can help them continue with the work.

  1. Take time to rate them & review their services

Rating their product & service will help their work. Therefore, make sure that you are taking the time to rate them and write reviews about their good work. There are organizations that, out of a social obligation and as a part of their CSR activities, have dedicated one particular day of the week to rate the small businesses around them whose service they have availed. The best platform to rate & write reviews is Google & Facebook. 

  1. Be Understanding 

The COVID-19 outbreak has come up with a situation wherein, being understanding has become a ubiquitous term. Any area or every situation you are in, this term must apply to your life. This disastrous health crisis itself is so contagious that being understanding is the key to killing its effect. We are in a very different situation today. Because of this unforeseen situation, there are many small businesses that have stopped their operation temporarily and many are working with many modifications and instructions. So, whatever group one of the small businesses in your neighborhood – just reach out to them, make them feel comfortable and assure that in any unusual situation, you are there to put forward a helping hand.

  1. Rely only on E-payment

So, if you are visiting your neighborhood store to buy essential items, make sure that you are doing e-payment. We know that for this to be highly contagious, even the virus can get transferred from physical currency. Therefore, by paying through an online mode, you will be helping these small businesses functioning even in this situation of emergency. The best options are contactless card payments or other options like Google Pay, Apple Pay & any other such forms of payment, where direct touching of keypads or cash handling is not required. With the use of this mode of payment, not only you can make use of the contactless payment, but such transactions are faster. This will mean that you will have to stay in the store for a very small span of time, which will mean fewer chances of infecting others or getting infected. 

  1. Bring people’s attention to their business operating during Quarantine

So, if you think some of the small businesses still operating in your area really need your attention, just turn your head towards them. If some of the small stores, restaurants, or any small setup are still operating in your area (of course with the consent of the government), make sure that you are spreading the news of its opening as much as you can. Encourage people to buy gift cards and make people aware of the business, so that when everything goes right after the coronavirus, they can visit the store and buy its products. In a nutshell, to say that you should help in marketing their products & services by asking people to visit the store, website, or an e-commerce portal. 

7. During Quarantine, Use these Small businesses for your Daily Needs 

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we are asked to stay inside in self-isolation. And, this has really panicked, as a result of which we are rushing to buy & stock household goods & other non-perishable & even perishable food items as much as we can. So, in that rush, you too are trying to buy some items for your household, make sure that you are ordering it from a small business that you know. This way you will help them with their business. If there isn’t any small business you can find in your area, you must put into some more effort and find an online store or e-commerce portal. This is going to be an important part of the effort to help these small businesses during the quarantine. 

So, these are some of the best ways you can help small businesses during this crisis of corona. This is the need of the hour to be compassionate to each other & come forward in helping each other survive. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe….Keep extending a Helping hand!!

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