How to Enhance the Conversion Rate of Your Website?

To understand how to enhance the conversion rate of your website, it is important to first understand what conversion rate is.

Let’s understand about Conversion rate.

Always calculated in the percentage form, the conversion rate is actually the ratio of your website visitors over the ones who actually get converted. There are various ways of conversion – sales, webinar registration, and more.

Why is it important to keep track of the conversion rate?

Without conversion, everything that is successfully or unsuccessfully implemented for a website is useless. 

If you do not keep track of your conversion rate, you will not know which part of the work you are doing needs to be given more attention. You will not know what are the changes that must be implemented for attracting more and more people to convert.

Addressing those issues and working on them will only help with increasing the profit for you & your business.

How to calculate the conversion rate?

Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose through a landing page that asks people to sign up with their email address, you found that there were 1500 visitors to your site. Now the total conversion stood at 75. 

So, the Conversion rate would have been calculated as follows.

Conversion Rate = (Total number of visitors who converted *100)/Total number of Visitors

So, that your business runs well, it is very crucial to enhance the conversion rate. There are ways and techniques you must make use of to enhance the conversion rate for your website.

For enhancing the conversion rate for your website, you first need to thoroughly understand what your audience likes and what they dislike. You have to be specific about their needs, demands & expectations. 

It might also have happened that during their first visit to your website, they have not converted for some personal reasons (lack of money, no need for the product or lack of time). However, an attractive call to action (CTAs), unique offers, fascinating video & text content that has been scripted beautifully will make it happen in the next time.

Later on, they might come back to buy your product, by using certain techniques & ideas. We have listed here most of those useful ideas to help you enhance the conversion rate for your website. Let’s find out: 

11 Ways to Enhance the Conversion Rate of your Website:

  1. Make Use of Video Content

Video content is always more engaging than text content. Not all types of customers would prefer reading out the text. In fact, most prefer video content. 

So, while you are designing your website, you must know how you can incorporate interesting and engaging videos to attract more customers. 

Later on, you may also use these videos to advertise your product and services on youtube and various other channels. It’s always good to take the help of some professionals to design a great looking video. You can get The Best Video Marketing Tips For Increasing Traffic And Conversion rate by clicking the link to read our blog on Video Marketing Tips.

  1. Make Use of Chatbot Technology

With your decreased conversion rate, if you see that, there are visitors who are coming to the website in that part of the day when there is no one to answer their query.

In that case, if it’s not possible to deploy your employees to answer these queries in that particular part of the day, you can make use of the chatbot technology. It works unbelievably well. 

The chatbot technology will keep your potential customers or leads engaged. Whatever questions or queries these potential customers will have would be answered. So, this is one of the advanced ways to enhance the conversion rate of your website.

  1. Use of Contact Forms

You must regularly visit your contact forms and keep bringing about changes whenever required. Every time you audit your contact forms you must bring about changes in a way to make it easy for the customers to provide their contact details and fill the form.

Contact forms are important because it is important to acquire information from customers & visitors so that you can work to enhance the conversion rate of your website as per their needs and preferences.

  1. Use of Effective Call to Action (CTA)

You really want to work on using a call to action on every page of your website. This will properly guide your customers to take desired actions. This will consequently help to enhance the conversion rate of your website. 

You must make sure that there is an effective & attractive Call to Action on every page of the website. This process may be a little time taking, but in the end, the results are going to be extraordinary. 

After a few hit and trial experiments, you will get extraordinary results. However, with the help of a content marketing professional, you will find the simplest way out. They will guide you through crafting the most effective call to action. 

  1. A Simple Website Layout

This is always helpful in the growth of a business and popularizing it among prospective and existing customers. 

The simpler you will design your website, the higher will be your customer base. There are businesses that think that using all types of design elements will make their website attractive, which is a complete myth.

While it is always great to make use of certain layouts & functionalities, too much it could do nothing but confuse your customers. So, it’s always advised to make your website as simple as you can.

To solve this problem, you can hire a professional web designer who can guide you through designing your website. As he understands the intricacy of designing a website, he will take care of the design as well as safety.

  1. Find if Your Offer Matches Your Audience Choices 

On your path to finding out if your offer matches what your audience wants, it is important that you do not have just one lead magnet. 

For example, if a Digital Marketing institute is offering courses on discount rates, it should not rely on the strategy to find its real audience. In fact, it must conduct tests based on free informational content, webinars, online sessions and more. And, you must test the same against different lead magnets. 

You have to be very specific about what your audience is looking for. Spending your money and time on this aspect of your work will definitely do the magic. 

  1. Find out About Your Ideal Audience Using Heat Maps

Heat Map technology is a great idea to increase the conversion rate of your website. Knowing about your ideal audience is one of the most important aspects of any business or website. Without knowing about the right audience, it is quite impossible to enhance the conversion rate. Heat map technology is a great way to understand audience behavior. 

With the information obtained from the Heat Map technology, you will be able to figure out where you need to make changes and where it is going fine. In addition to that, you also have this opportunity to get a glimpse into the minds of modern consumers and what they expect from your products and services. You will get to know about the pages which are consistently performing badly and tweak the same as per the consumer’s requirements. 

  1. Designing a Conversion Rate Strategy as per the Data 

The first step to designing a Conversion Rate Strategy is having Data about how your Website has been functioning in the last few days or months. If you have already obtained this data from tools like Google Analytics or any such tool, you are already at the second step. 

In the second step, you will have to design a Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy based on the data obtained in the first step. In this regard, a behavior flow chart will also work. 

With the data obtained in the first step, you will find out those pages which gravitate customers and also the ones from where audiences get bounced very quickly. By identifying the pages that are not working as expected, you can formulate your optimization plan. 

As a part of optimization, you can add fresh content, edit the existing ones, design CTA, and can even consider redesigning the page (as per the requirements).

  1. Optimization of Website’s Page Design

One may not often realize, but website design is another important factor in gravitating the audience after Content. 

More often than not, we tend to make it complex in the quest of enhancing attractiveness, but the fact is that audiences prefer easy and simple design. 

A survey was conducted by Google, where it deployed different types of web designs to know about audiences’ first impressions. The data collected to find out the result made out that complex website design is considered less beautiful. 

This can be understood in a way that simplifying the design of your website will allow your audiences to focus more on the content, which is the important thing that matters. 

  1. Work on the Speed of the Website

Do you know why good website speed is important? 

To understand this, you must first know that if your website loading speed decreases by one second, the conversion rate of the website goes down by seven percent.

Because of the pace with which we are trying to catch everything today, we have no time to wait for something when there is an alternative available. 

Take this concept in a very basic way. Imagine a consumer, surfer, whatever you call. To get an answer to his query, he must have opened a number of tabs. When he comes to your site first and in the meantime, the other site gets opened more quickly than yours – in that case, what do you think? Where he must actually move? Obviously to your competitor’s site. He will, therefore, leave your website. 

So, it is very important to enhance the speed of your website, so as to keep the audiences engaged and going. 

  1. Add Videos to Your Website

Adding videos to your website will make it rich and attractive.

While publishing articles, blogs & other forms of text content are part of the game, Video marketing has its own role to play in enhancing the conversion rate and attracting real customers. 

Video content helps in expanding the audience base and bringing new leads. This is because of the engaging potential of video content. In fact, while in case of text content, the audience has to sit back and spend time over it while in case of video content they can listen to it while they are doing any other important or trivial work.

Today, most websites and companies are relying more on video content than any other form of content. And, the best thing is you can create these videos as per your business needs. You can use different video content including interviews, screencasts, explainer videos, and more.

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