How to Enhance Engagement with Instagram Stories

Let’s make Instagram the chance to win more valuable customers!

Doing Instagram stories right can bring your business followers at a drop of a dime.

Surprisingly Instagram stories have a BIG business with around 300 million daily views.

What makes Instagram stories so bankable?

Every single user can get easy insight into the life of their favorite celebrities, walk through their lives, find out about the latest fashion trends, and do much more interestingly — they can do almost anything.

Not only for the users Instagram stories are a great place for advertisers and businesses. After all, it is where they can find and interact with most of their audience.

In fact, for both — users & brands — Instagram stories have endless possibilities.

Brands can display their products, inspire actions, run awareness campaigns — and do much more all directly with the help of the app. And, in combination with the Instagram stories, you can use other app features like direct messaging and interacting with your brand through comments.

But, of them, the most enticing and useful feature for brands as wells as for users is the Instagram stories.

Back in 2016, since Instagram added its story feature, it has been cooking with gas. And, since then many additions have been made which has given enough room for users & businesses given different strokes for different folks. Instagram offers a huge opportunity for improved engagement.

This blog post is all about the super-cool Instagram story hacks — that are sure to enhance engagement and add tremendously to the brand value.

Here’s a list of techniques you must apply with Instagram stories to enhance engagement:

  • Use Your Brand’s Font (but you can always experiment)
  • Give Instagram stories some time for real.
  • Optimize the image as per the requirements.
  • Experiment with color optimization.

Take time to design some creative text for your Instagram story.

Let’s discuss them all one-by-one for more understanding.

  1. Use Your Brand’s Font (but you can always experiment)

It is always good to keep that identity of your brand at the back of your mind whenever you are doing some kind of promotion. Likewise, if that’s really possible, you must use your brand’s typography into your Instagram story hack. In that way, you would be, “also” creating a sense of familiarity for your customers. This is something that can go a long way when making a purchase decision. But, at the same time, at some places, you can always take the liberty to experiment with the font (as is the case).

  1. Give Instagram story creation some time for real.

Before you start, you must be completely aware of the basics of the Instagram story. The purpose is to make it more interesting for your audience and enhance engagement. Instagram offers too many tools to make your story interesting and engaging — all you need is to have an idea about how to do it. Let’s take a look into some of these important Instagram story editing icons available across the interface.

Text: This allows you to create text to convey your message. You can access this feature by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Drawing: here you can use a couple of brushes & erasers to create handwritten text. You also have access to the color selection tool in this section.

Filter: you can add some VR filters from this section while you are making videos or clicking pictures.

Accessories: This icon will allow you to incorporate some additional engaging features in your story.

Linking: This option allows you for linking something to your story in case you want to take the user to some external place where you can make them read about some other topic. But, this feature is available only to those users who have 10,000 and plus followers.

Save: This allows you to save any changes or edits that you have made to your image or the image itself. In case you have added any music or GIF, it will be automatically saved as a video.

You should give some time for real to learn these basics of creating Instagram stories before getting started.

  1. Optimize the image as per the requirements.

In case of posting a picture, you will have two options — you can either take this directly from the app editor and edit it itself or can import it from your phone memory.

If you are taking the picture from the story editor and start editing from the area itself — there would be default the setting of the app and the size of the image will be exactly as required, which is 1080px by 1920px.

On the other side, if you are taking the picture in the camera app of your phone you will get more options through various photo editors. But, when you will be importing this picture from the phone to the Instagram story editor, you will have to adjust and zoom in so there is no border on the outside. Make sure that the quality of the picture is good enough, so that when you import it to Instagram and zoom in — the quality does not get lost.

  1. Experiment with color optimization.

There can be a number of experiments you can do with color on your Instagram story — text color, accent color, brush color, background color & more.

If you want to try experimenting with the text color — just select the text and select the color from the text editor at the bottom of the grid. You can swipe through the left for color preview, in case you want to use some interesting colors.

If you want to do something different to make your text look more beautiful & appealing to your customers, just tap the dropper icon and select a color from the editor from any part of the editor.

  1. Take time to design some creative text for your Instagram story.

Conveying your message — that is the goal! Right?

Using some creative content with everything at the place would engage the audience and make them interested in reading what you have to say.

Content is the key — and this applies to your Instagram story too. Every single person on the internet — be it social media, mail, or any other platform, people are simply hungry for good content.

Anyone who comes to see your story knows nothing but good content. Conversational content incorporates images & relevant videos can do the wonders.

If you are not good enough — hire someone who can do it for you. Most social media marketers know how to do this right.

Some other ways to Accentuate your Instagram story:

  1. Create a rainbow text using brush & font tools.
  2. Create a border with the brush tool
  3. Save interesting story effects for quick access.
  4. With Instagram story & live, use question stickers.

Do it right!

Instead of just doing it, do it right. Don’t rush. Press the pause button before hitting publish. Before sending your story, get in the place your video, image, right content & know how to make it interesting. Within a few days, you will notice the difference in engagement. It’s simply twofold. And, more so, you’ll have a set goal and target for every single Instagram story because you are really putting in efforts.

At AdMedia, we help reach around 98% of the Web and Draw Over 200 million Users Every Month. We help our users reach their audience wherever they are with our comprehensive set of tools & technologies. By doing Instagram stories right, you can make this reach manifold. Let’s do it together & engage with as many prospects as there are on the web.

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