How Email Marketing Gives The Best Bang for Your Buck

Email marketing is one of the best tools for your business. Over the years, innovation has brought about many changes in digital marketing strategies. Many online marketing tools are available today that assert to enhance traffic and boost conversion rates. But, even after this astounding number of new and amazing resources like video marketing, SEO, mobile analytics ~ Email Marketing has not lost its significance.

Year after year, Email Marketing tools have helped businesses perform well. Email Marketing generates the highest ROI — data say that it gives marketers the highest reach available through any channel. Email marketing generates around $38 ROI for every $1 spent and that is the highest for all marketing channels available so far.

Marketing has two dimensions — budget & conversion rate. Today, marketers look for options that could help with popularizing their products and converting prospects (in that predefined budget). Marketers everywhere are looking for ways to connect to their audience in a very personalized way and cost-effectively. Email marketing is one of those ways that connect to customers and prospects in an extremely targeted way and can successfully bring in revenue and by delivering ROI.

There is an assortment of reasons that make Email Marketing one of the best marketing channels. In this post, we’ll talk about these reasons which help accentuate your digital marketing strategies. Read to find how & why email-marketing must be used to help your business perform. Here we go:

Top Reasons why Email Marketing Helps in the Growth of Your Business:

  1. Email Marketing Enhances Traffic & Converts more easily

What is the focus of any marketer? Any Digital marketing strategy is focused on driving traffic and enhancing the conversion rate. Be it Email Marketing or social media, the end goal for any marketer is, “to convert the prospective customers into real buyers.”

And, as we have also mentioned earlier, that no tool is better than Email Marketing for enhancing the conversion rate. As per research data, the average click-through rate from Twitter is 0.5% whereas the click-through rate for an email campaign is around 3%. This clearly suggests that you are six times ahead when you are using an Email campaign as compared to when using Twitter campaigns. On top of that, your customers are eager to hear from you, as they have subscribed to your list. Also, if you get your Email marketing integrated into a CRM, you can gauge how it is impacting your business deals and opportunities.

  1. Email Marketing has Larger Reach

While the email marketing statistics are not shared more often, the numbers are surprisingly high. We often read and talk about Facebook and Twitter with 1 billion and 255 million revenue respectively. This makes us believe that social media is one of the most effective marketing strategies to drive traffic and drive conversion. But, things that we do not pay heed to is the stupendously huge data related to total numbers of email accounts worldwide where numbers indicate more than 4.9 million (as per data released in 2017).

Nevertheless, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are ubiquitous these days — Email is the basis for your online practices. Even if you want to be present on a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter, you need to have an Email account. Anyone who has an online presence necessarily has an Email account. When you are thinking about connecting to your prospects, and the audience — there is no better channel than Email Marketing. Email is a prerequisite for our online presence, be it using any other channel of Digital Marketing.

  1. Email Marketing Drives Higher ROI

Email Marketing is the best way to drive ROI for your business, which clearly tells about its extraordinary ability to enhance the conversion rate. In fact, Email marketing has the potential to yield over a 3800% return on investment for any business, if used smartly and efficiently. The important thing to understand for marketers is that Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective channels for advertising any product or service. And, the reasons are obvious!

While in the case of social media marketing where you are sending updates without knowing about your customers’ purchasing behavior, and interests. Email marketing provides you this opportunity to discover your targeted audience. With insights from CRM and through other Email marketing techniques, you can have more easily available data about your audience. It delivers the right message to your target audience by using dynamic content & segmentation. Email marketing lets you know nuts and bolts about your customer — like their geographical location, gender, and more. This data would, for instance, help the marketer understand and analyze that females in America would be more interested in bathing suits in summers and more such things alike.

This strategy of segmentation helps ensure that only the relevant information is sent to every individual customer. It makes recipients, and the audience drives to buy products and services — this explains the ROI of email marketing.

  1. Email communicates your Message Understandably

For any marketer, activating subscriptions to their list of followers is always better than gravitating them through Facebook or Twitter. You may think why — and there are plenty of answers to this particular question.

The most important thing to consider here is — about 90 percent of the email that is sent, reaches the right audience at the right time. On the other hand, when you post something on social media like Facebook or Twitter, only about 2% (approximately) of the audience are going to see your post. This is because most social media platforms, like Facebook, limit a post appearing in the feed to drive people & businesses towards paid form of advertising. So, in short, you are going to be seen more easily through Email than through social media.

In addition to that, the other reason that makes Email marketing a more reliable option than social media are SPAMMING laws. When you are subscribing to a newsletter, you are giving permission to the website owner to hear from them. This means that you’ll receive these newsletters only from those sites you have explicitly given permission to. The SPAM laws are very strict and specific regarding Emailing. You are receiving emails only because you have subscribed to them.

On the other hand, when you think about social media feeds — you never gave permission to many of those Facebook ads appearing on your account page. You are seeing them because you may have once visited their website or searched for similar products. So, Email marketing is a proven tool to make your message reach the right audience.

Wrapping Up:

Email marketing can play a crucial role in enhancing traffic and driving people to buy your products and services. Marketing managers must look into various Email marketing campaigns to strategically boost the performance of their businesses. On top of everything, it also gives you the best bang for your buck.

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