Here’s the Right Approach to Building High-Quality Backlinks

Building high-quality backlinks that can help your site’s popularity grow and can get you a high PR is an important part of Digital marketing. You are mistaken if you think that all links are the same! Previously Link building was quite simple! You used to write some articles, submit these articles on different article submission sites. You then easily got links back to your site.

But, this has become an obsolete approach. If quality backlinking can help your website to rank high on Google, enhance your brand popularity, and generate revenues, a wrong approach can make your business to suffer and get penalized.

Building High-quality Back linking

In the recent past, many of the sites have started making use of the technique of private blog networks for enhancing their PR. Guess what happened? Google started using PBN deindexing update which affected the site’s Google ranking.

That was not the last time Google did this bombardment, it will prepare itself to do many more if it finds people applying such an approach to rank high on Google.

You must be wondering so what is that approach to building high-quality backlinks that Google likes.

Most SEO experts will answer this question in this way; You should not be bothered to doing anything for link acquisition. But, this will keep you just on the safer side. You have to learn the right approach to building high-quality links.

While Backlinks is a key factor in improving your site’s Google ranking, “Effective Backlinking” is all about popularity and trust. A survey result shows that every month around $50,000 is spent on link building by 37% of the business people who respond.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about a very effective link building strategy. This technique applied with precision can help improve the ranking of your site tremendously. Even the conversion is going to skyrocket as never before.

Let’s talk about the right approach to building high-quality backlinking. Here we go:

1.Understand Google’s Mission

The most important aspect of building high-quality backlinking is knowing what Google actually want. Google is the ruler when it’s about Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. So, the first step in this direction is understanding the Mission of Google. This can be immensely helpful in devising your strategy. Let’s discuss Google’s Mission Plan in brief.

Google also realizes that there’s more information on the web and it wants to organize this information. Through external link building, you should also focus on organizing this information. Google says if you really know the needs and requirements of your users, you don’t have to put in any extra effort in making them to like your products.

You need to work in accordance with Google’s Mission if you don’t want to get penalized. Before beginning with building a website link you should ask yourself the below questions.

Is the content on my site is properly organized?

Am I providing some relevant piece of information that other sites will like building links to my site?

To get a clear picture, I’m going to talk about these two questions one-by-one. Let’s first talk about “content organization” on your site.

The content on your site should be so organized that if someone comes to visit a page, he gets to find it easy to navigate.

The first step towards content organization is making your site easy to navigate. This will make it possible for Search Engines to find the information that it wants. And, making a strong foundation so that other sites would go for external links to your site, is the second step.

The best way to creating a strong foundation is to helping Google discover and index your site based on the relevancy of your content. Once the content gets indexed, real and high-quality backlinking will be possible.

Make sure that you are writing high-quality and useful content. It should be designed in a way to help your audience find a relevant answer to their query.

2.Scaling Your Backlinking Efforts

For many SEO experts, Link building is a stressful task. The most obvious reason could be the poor quality of the content they are producing.

The fact is, you should just put 10% of your effort into building Links and the rest should be creating a valuable and relevant piece of content. This is also sometimes referred to as 90/10 rule that you need to follow if you want to rank on the first page of Google.

But, the irony is people usually work by reversing the rule. They put in 90% of their efforts in creating high-quality backlinking and 10% in creating their content. That is not going to work in any way.

Do you know the actual motive behind building high-quality backlinking? You are doing this gravitate more people to your site and help them read your content. So, what if a user visiting your site does not like the quality of your content.

Now let’s talk about building high-quality of backlinking and the traditional form of linking. Let me explain the difference.

Suppose you have a gift selling site and you are getting an inbound link from a travel site. Google will identify that this linking is not relevant and related to your site.

On the other hand, if this inbound link is coming from gifting related it, for instance, a site that sells occasion specific gifts like birthday gifts or a site that sells cake, the relevancy of your site will improve and you will improve your site’s ranking too. This will also help in achieving more of the link acquisitions and improved PR.

Now the question is from where you are going to find these relevant sites where you can build a relationship. The best way is to search for similar sites!

You have to type in the URL of your site and Search. In the result, you’ll get all the sites that will be related to your site. These sites will definitely want to connect to your site and your content.

Once you have searched for these relevant sites, you’ll have to research further to find out which is the most relevant sites that will help towards your link building efforts. There are certain key metrics that will help here. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Authority of the Domain: It is very significant to consider the authority of the domain you are considering for link acquisition.

Relevancy of the Domain: Building high-quality backlinking from a relevant domain is very important. It’s also a very significant factor in enhancing your site’s Google ranking.

Trust Factor: If the backlinks to your site are coming from sites with high trust then your ranking will improve and will get your site high PR. And, this will also make link acquisitions easier.

So, these are some of the important factors that you’ll have to consider when you are trying to create high-quality backlinking.


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