Have a Steady Stream of Content with These Tips

A stream of fresh and engaging content is important both in getting traffic and building a brand, so never skimp on the quality and quantity of your posts.  Every good publisher knows this and is aware that content is the lifeblood of a site and is crucial to getting revenue from pay per click ads.

Of course, producing top notch posts on a consistent basis isn’t always easy, which is why publishers should seek the assistance of websites, tools, and fellow bloggers to ensure that their website is always fresh with click-worthy articles.

Below are a few examples of  how you can do just that:

Have an editorial calendar – Save yourself from the stress of last-minute content production by developing an editorial calendar. It doesn’t have to be fancy; you can easily create one using Excel, or even Google Calendar. What’s important is that your editorial (or content) calendar should lay out your article plans and ideas for the coming months.

Collect your article ideas and assign each idea to a particular day, so that when your deadline draws near, all you need to do is consult your editorial calendar and start working.

Take on guest posters – If you have a lot of things on your plate and are way too busy to produce content consistently, then you may want to consider getting into guest posting. As its name clearly indicates, guest posting works by letting people who aren’t part of your organization to contribute posts to your site. In return, guest posters would ask the be allowed to include a link somewhere in the article (usually in its author bio) that leads to their own website.

Guest posting creates a win-win situation for both parties. The site owner is able to publish new content for their website, while the guest poster gets a backlink or two out of it.

Do note however, that not all guest posts are created equal. You should only accept guest posts that meet the standards of your website and that truly offer value to readers. Do not take articles just for the sake of doing it, as low quality posts can tarnish the image of your site and send visitors packing.

Have handy tool for jotting down ideas – Never let your brilliant ideas slip through the cracks! Always jot down any thoughts or concepts that may occur to you. Download a nifty app such as Evernote to ensure that you will be able to record your ideas even when you’re on the go.

Interview other people in your industry – Consider interviewing other people in your space to shake things up on your website. Talk to them about a hot issue or event and exchange ideas. Doing so can really stir up discussion—not just between you and your interviewee but with site visitors as well. Not to mention, doing an interview can also be mutually beneficial. On one hand, you are able to get new content and potentially a new audience for your site, while the person being interviewed is able to put their ideas out there and could possibly gain a new audience themselves.

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