Happy Labor Day!

AdMedia wishes everyone out there a wonderful, relaxing holiday weekend! Since we’re in Los Angeles, most of us will be spending our down time soaking up rays and riding the waves at the beach. Our friends on the East coast aren’t going to be so lucky, and we hope Hurricane Earl’s impact is minimal. The National Weather Service just downgraded the storm to a category 1, which is good news for area residents. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you guys!

On a side note, we’d like to remind everyone why we celebrate Labor Day in the United States. This holiday was created to honor American workers, particularly of the working class variety. Small businesses in particular survive because of their dedicated employees, who certainly deserve national recognition. In this economy, people with jobs feel very fortunate to even be employed. With so many unemployed people, we all need to be thankful for our careers.

Happy Labor Day!

At the same time, employers need to express appreciation for their staff members. Here’s an article that explains a few ways for small business owners to make their employees feel truly valued. For example, AdMedia’s management offers full time employees excellent health benefits, paid sick leave, and vacation time. We also try to have a little fun around the office to maintain a friendly atmosphere. Today we are going to enjoy a delicious pizza lunch, sponsored by our generous boss. These gestures keep employees happy, which boosts our productivity. What does your company do for its workers? We’d love to hear your success stories!

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