Google Update: News Filter Added to Search Console

Google adds a new Performance Reports News Filter in the Search Console.

Google officials announced this update on Twitter which said, “Now you can analyze traffic coming from the News tab on Google Search. Learn more about filtering data on Performance reports.”

News Filter Added to Search Console

“Google Search News tab data now in the Search Console Performance report. We’ve recently added new data to the Performance report in Search Console: Google Search’s News tab data. This data shows clicks, impressions, and click-through rates for any links seen in the “News” tab in Google Search results. To access these data in the report, click the “Search type: Web” filter on the top of the report, then select, “News.” For your convenience, you can also access your News search data directly by clicking the button below.”

With this update, Google gives an option to slice & dice Google Search Console Performance report by news content versus web, image, or video content.

This new News filter has been added under the performance report -> Search type -> News.

This particular update from Google will offer the ability to filter & analyze the traffic that comes from the News tab in search results.

With this, a new type of filter has been added to the Google Search Console. 

With this new filter, the site owners would be able to isolate impressions and traffic that’s coming from the News Tab.

Just like the other filters available in the Search Console, you can access this filter from the Performance Report where the site owners find all the Google traffic data for their site.

The site owner can filter this data of performance reports with various dimensions. One of these dimensions is the search type, which appears under the search bar.

However, the Search console does not have options to support all search types, it is gradually adding these more options.

With this new Google Search Console update & the addition of the new News filter, here’s the kind of search types that would be supported in the performance report:

Web: The result that is shown when you click on the “All” tab in the search results. The videos that appear on clicking all tabs are also counted as Web search result types.

Image: The third tab in the search result that is, “Image.” This result in data analysis on the Search Console will analyze the results that show up in the Image tab.

Video: The results that appear in the “video” tab of the search results.

News: This is the list of results that show up in the “News” tab of the search result.

Google has said that for a long time it has been getting requests for the ability to analyze the traffic data from the News tab itself.

Before this new update, there has not been any filter to analyze, isolate & compare the traffic that is coming from the News tab.

Grouping Data: Multiple Search Types.

With this new update, site owners can themselves look at the data and compare this with another set of data.

It is very important to note, you cannot group data by multiple search types to analyze the results. For instance, combined data for web & news is not supported.

Google says that the page layout for each of these different search results is essentially different for each search type and therefore it is not possible to consider them in any combination.

For each search type, data is stored separately as per the type of page layout for the search result. It is important for the site owners — a URL may appear in both the news & web search results, but the data for impression, click & position for news searches & web searches are stored separately.

Search Console Performance Report Show:

The Google Search Console provides the following data:

Impressions: The number of times the site shows up in the search results.

Click-through-rate (CTR): Total impression percentage that leads to clicks.

Position: Average search result position.

You can further use different filters to break down this data for subtle inspection as shown in the below screenshot. 


This will make it easier for news sites and PR organizations to keep track of the data – impressions, clicks & click-through-rate. They can have a clearer picture of where their site stands and where they must turn their focus for improved ranking on the search result pages. Read about the Google New Page Speed Report in Search Console – FCP & FID – a 2019 update from Google. 

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