Google Announces Search Console Crawl Stats Report Update

Google recently announced a new & improved Search Console Crawl Stats report Update. This new Search Console update will help users enhance the quality of their site & further increase their site’s popularity. 

This brand new version of the Crawl Stats report will help users better understand how Google bot crawls the site and what can be done to improve the quality of the site. 

This improvement will give you an assortment of stats on a number of parameters. 

For instance:

  1. The sudden drop in the crawl rate would mean that — there could be an issue with the content on the site or the server has been misconfigured.  
  1. In addition to that, the crawl rate can also drop if there is some kind of a DDoS attack or something else is degrading the performance of the site. 

On the other hand, increased crawling would mean some or more useful content has been added to the site or the misconfiguration is causing auto-generation of the thin or duplicate web pages. 

The New & Exciting Features of the Crawl Stats report.

Let’s take a look into what features the Google Crawl Stats report brings for the site owners. Read to know what it shows:

  1. The total number of requests, Googlebot type, crawl purpose, and crawled file type. 
  2. Elaborated information on the status of the host.
  3. Complete summary for the properties.
  4. Examples of the URL to let you know where it was in your site that the requests came in.

Over-time charts

The website owner would be able to see — the average response time, total requests & the total download size with the help of the Crawl Stats report as is clear in the image.

Grouped crawl data:

This updated version of the Search Console Crawl Stats report will also showcase — crawl requests that are broken down by – Googlebot agent, response, the purpose of the crawl request, and the file type of the fetched URL.  You can click on the row in the grouping table to see each type of URL.

Comprehensive host status issues Information.

This new update will also enable you to see the availability of your site and any host issues to Google in the last 90 days.


Including the facility to get you detailed information on the host status, this new console update will get you much more exciting information for any site owner. This update Crawl Stats report shows a user with over-time charts that is also inclusive of average response time, total requests, and total download size. 

The site owner can analyze all of this data and improve the performance of its site. For instance, if the average response time comes out to be higher than the ideal — it will mean, you need to consider switching to another web hosting service for your site. 

It is not an easy task to keep your website up and running, but with the help of Google’s Crawl Stats report, you can bring about required changes to your site and make sure that your customers are not facing any difficulty reaching your site. To keep yourself informed with all the Google updates click here

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