Google Analytics 4: What is GA4 and How to Upgrade?

For marketers, Google Analytics is a reliable platform where they can get insights into the customers’ behavior, preferences, and bring about changes to help their customers with an improved experience. And, the need for reparation & amends has even accentuated with more and more businesses turning from bricks & mortar shops to online stores. 

Without important insights, marketing is more like the donkey dragging the cart in the want of the carrot dangling in front of its mouth. The market is a rat race. Every single business owner is desperate about getting insight into how their products are performing, what consumer wants & what must be done to get it corrected. 

We must be set straight – the current Google Analytics is not getting the kind of results marketers are looking for — to understand & implement the privacy-driven changes & the current consumer behaviors. And, therefore the need for a Google analytics overhaul was evident. 

The survey from Forrester Consulting substantiates the theory of overhaul – in the survey, most marketers said that an improvement should be the first priority for the experts. With the current need for a consumer-centric approach — more improved google Analytics insight could only be the solution. 

In an endeavor to better its approach, Google has come with a new Google Analytics Update viz. GA4 or Google Analytics 4, which is based on the App + Web property that was introduced last year in beta. This will help marketers and businesses get better ROI & understand their consumer behavior way more precisely. 

What is GA4 (Google Analytics 4)? 

Based on the App + Web property update in the beta last year, GA4 is the new & improved Google Analytics tool. With the help of machine learning, it is created such that it can automatically fetch insights providing marketers with full-fledged analytics of customer behavior across different platforms. 

The GA4 is privacy-centric and marketers can very much rely on the insights irrespective of the changes taking place in the industry ( like in case of restrictions on identifiers & cookies). Google Analytics 4 has been designed to help you with the insights marketers need to set their foot in the right direction. 

How to Upgrade to GA4 Property?

Alongside the existing Universal Analytics property, you can now upgrade to the Google Analytics 4 property or GA4 Property, which was formerly called an App + Web property. When you set up a Google Analytics 4 property, it will collect data from the same page as does the existing Universal Analytics property. The important steps to follow:

Step 1: Create or connect to a GA4 property and move your Universal Analytics configuration settings.

Step 2: Enable data collection.

Note: With the help of “enable data collection”, you can simply start using the existing tag, if your existing site is completely tagged with gtag.js. In case the website is not tagged with gtag.js, you’ll have to tag your website manually.

After the upgrade, your analytics will have a new Google Analytics 4 property functioning. However, the existing Universal Analytics property will not get affected. 

Here’s how you can create or connect to a GA4 property:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Analytics account.

Step 2: Click Admin

Step 3: Go to the Account column & select the account where you want to create the GA4 property.

Note: The site will already be selected, if you have just one account. If you have more accounts you’ll need to select the site you want to connect to GA4 manually.

Step 4: Go to the property column & select Upgrade to GA4 property.

Here you’ll have two options – you can create a new Google Analytics Property or connect with an existing one.

How GA4 will help marketers?

This more intelligent & insightful Analytics helps in a number of ways. It gives you a better understanding of consumer behaviors and has better resilience to the new technical & market advancements. 

Here’s how this Google Analytics 4 update will help marketers:

  1. GA4 will get you intelligible insights into consumer behavior.

With the help of the advanced machine learning model, Google Analytics 4 will automatically keep you updated with new trends coming up in your data. In addition to that, it also helps you get an understanding of the future actions your consumer may take. For instance, GA4 will alert you about the churn probability so that you can plan well on your investment in retaining your customers

  1. GA4 Improves ROI.

The GA4 is going to have unique predictive metrics, which will help you with the amount of revenue you can earn from a particular group of customers. This data is significant because marketers can use this data to analyze and create their arsenal of most valued customers who will spend more than any other customers. Based on the data you can create a strategy and improve your ROI. With the new & improved way of integrating across Google marketing products, you can use the data obtained to improve the ROI.

  1. GA4 measures App & Web Interactions Together

This new & improved approach addresses the longtime requests from advertisers – the reports will include conversion from the web and the YouTube engaged views that took place in the app. Having complete knowledge of conversion through different channels & platforms viz. Email, YouTube video views, social, Google, and non-Google paid channels, and organic channels – at one place will get you an idea of how all the marketing efforts are performing together.

  1. GA4 helps businesses with an improved customer-centric approach.

Instead of fragmenting the data based on platform and devices – Google Analytics 4 helps businesses with a customer-centric model. It gives you a better understanding of how your customer is interacting with your business. For instance, it lets you know where your customer first discovered your business – he first found about you from an ad and then installed the app and made the purchase. You get a better insight into the customer from acquisition to conversion.

The new GA4 to adapt to the Ever-Evolving Technology Landscape.

The new GA4 analytics has been designed with machine learning at its core to help marketers & businesses adapt to the ever-evolving technology landscape. The GA4 approach enables you with reliable analytics & complete insight into the marketing results. This data further helps you design a customer-centric strategy that gets you better ROI even in an environment of uncertainty. 

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