Google Adds New Features to Enrich Shopping during COVID

Google is up with new updates in line with the COVID-19 era.

Google is coming up with new updates to Display ads and image extensions to make shopping a smart & exciting experience for users.

Google Update: Google adds new features to Visual Options for Shoppers and Brands.

Google is accepting reality and works to make online shopping an even more improved experience for users during COVID-19.

Google Update:

Google introduced push:

Image Extensions

Enhancements to their Smart Shopping campaigns

Some upgrades to visuals in-display ads

However, this may look like a routine housekeeping activity, but when you’ll follow the update closely, it will mean an interesting move Google is onto to bring about the kind of comfort for shoppers like various other platforms like Facebook.

Google has been studying the obvious reasons that make users turn to Facebook and other platforms. This Google update has come up in line with developing a strong platform that can find top-funnel users and new prospects who have not been searching for anything as yet. This new rich visual option will definitely enrich the shopping experience during COVID-19.

Previously, Google has always relied on remarketing and the bottom of the funnel. It has based its ad on focusing the purchasers who are already searching for something. Improved visual features, ease of shopping for users & making it more interactive would mean enriched user experience during COVID-19.

Here’s everything about Google update: New Features to Enrich Shopping during COVID.

Image Extensions Beta.

The most interesting part of the Google Discovery Campaign types is how it creates the visual elements.

Previously, there were two main features for the retailers to show ads on the Google Search platform. It included Shopping (visual) & search (text ads). Since this discovery blended the visual features with the discovery portion, a huge number of advertisers liked this blend.

With the new Google update of an Image Extensions beta program — the retailers can now choose a photo-based on their choice with the text or Google through its machine learning will automatically choose one. When someone with an account will go to the extension area they will see a notice for account extensions, if they are eligible.

Smart Shopping

Smart shopping is also enhancing the overall presence & its informational game. There will be now annotations for things like free shipping & fast shipping on the smart shopping campaigns. This will provide additional information to the shoppers & make it an exhilarating shopping experience.

Google has also said, there will also be dynamically-generated carousels in the latter part of the year. And, there will also be a criterion to add video content through the display ads.

There will also be bidding which will particularly be for new customers on Smart Shopping. There will be a checkbox for “New customer acquisition” as a part of the conversion goal. And, based on the conversion, there will be a checkbox for “New customer acquisition.”

Responsive Display Facelift.

There will also be better options for responsive display ads through this new Google update. In addition, the auto-generated video ad formats & New layouts — everything has gotten a modern refresh. Now companies can now add business names & logos through dynamic ads. They can spotlight single products and call out promotions.


This new feature to Visual Options for Shoppers and Brands will encourage users to buy online by promoting e-commerce. With the outbreak of coronavirus, the demand for e-commerce has risen unprecedentedly, which has seen a record number of sales during the COVID-19 era. It was the sector least affected by the pandemic and has been working almost throughout. In line with the current environment, Google is also working out on its update to make it an exciting experience for shoppers. 
Recently Google has added new features to Smart Shopping, Display Ads & image extensions on the platform.  Before that, Google was already gearing up to make the Shopping tab free for everyone. With this yet another Google update in the right direction, and is competing with Amazon. Read more updates here.

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