Give the Gift of Advertising This Season

For businesses, giving presents to other companies isn’t just an effective way to spread the holiday cheer, it can also prove to be a solid networking tactic. Sending gifts to business clients and vendors helps keep you on their radar, which in turn can get your more orders, referrals, and opportunities.

Here’s the thing though: a lot of other companies will also be sending out gifts this season, so coming up with a present that will stand out from all others might prove to be a little difficult.

If you’re planning to give Christmas presents this month, it’s best to steer clear from typical items such as gift baskets, chocolates, wine, and the like. While these things will certainly be enjoyed by the giftees, they won’t necessarily get you to stand out, because they’re so common and impersonal.

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s best to go for something that’s either personal or practical. If you want to be memorable either offer a present that’s unique to the giftee, or give them something that they can actually use and benefit from. But let’s be realistic. The former, while awesome, can take up a lot of time and money, especially if you have a long Christmas list. While it’s certainly thoughtful to give each and every one on your list a one-of-a-kind present, time and budget constraints may not always allow it. With that in mind, it’s probably best to give them something that they can use instead.

Now before you start thinking calendars and coffee mugs, remember that you’re trying to be prominent here. Those calendars may be practical, but they’re way too common and don’t have enough oomph to get you to really shine.

The Gift of Online Advertising

To stand out in the gift-giving department, we suggest giving the gift of advertising to your professional peers. And no, we’re not just saying that because we’re in the ad industry. The fact is, there are a lot of benefits to giving advertising  opportunities as gifts.

The most obvious advantage is that no one really does it. Gifters tend to focus on clichéd Christmas presents, so you’ll definitely be remembered if you choose to give out free advertising. Plus, it’s practically guaranteed that businesses will use it. Companies are always looking to put their name out there, so they certainly wouldn’t pass up a chance to get exposure for free.

What’s more, online advertising is a digital present, which means that you’ll get to save some time and effort because you won’t have to bother with packing and shipping costs. This is also a boon for those on the receiving end because they will be able to “unwrap,” open, and use your present with just a few clicks.

The specific type of advertising gift that you choose to send out will depend on you and your giftees. For example, if you know that your receiver’s business is ramping up their mobile marketing campaign, then you may want to give them something for mobile ads. Is your giftee more focused on web ads? Then give them free banner or search ads instead.

When in doubt, just give them the gift of Cross Channel Advertising, so they’ll be able to select the specific advertising channels for themselves. Cross Channel Advertising can deliver ads through an array of platforms, including search, display, mobile, social, and more, thus covering all the bases in online advertising.

Wrapping Up

Not all gifts are created equal. Some presents are consumed without a second thought, while others get stamped in people’s memories because they’re just so useful. Be part of the latter this season and give away free advertising in lieu of the typical coffee mugs and calendars. Your giftees will definitely remember you for it.

Image credit: asenat29 on Flickr

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