Free Virtual Lunch & Learn Program – How, Why & When?

Voila! AdMedia has found a way to be productive in the turbulent times of COVID-19!

Our Free Virtual Lunch & Learn Program is all about providing an environment wherein we can together keep the business relationship that we have built over the years, going. 

Regular meetings, discussions & follow ups are the linchpins of any business. And, particularly, the Digital marketing industry cannot thrive without regular (very frequent) meetings. Therefore there’s a dire need for, if not face-to-face, then at least virtual meetings. 

Through meetings we connect!

The COVID-19 has locked us all inside our homes, which is a crucial part of the preventive measure. Given the scenario, our business these days is based on the concept of work from home. 

But, work from home does not let us meet face-to-face. So, why not meet up virtually to discuss our next important project. We can together make this happen!

FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn Program by AdMedia is one such attempt. Along with business obligations, eating healthy, delicious & Freshly prepared food is equally important!! 

Therefore, we will make sure that healthy, delicious & FRESHLY prepared lunch is delivered to your doorstep before we start with the meeting.

Here’s everything about FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn Program:

In Digital marketing, to claim to have the finger on the pulse of the industry means to be able to meet the right kind of people in the industry everyday. 

The Innovative idea of Virtual Meet with FREE Lunch & Learn Session by AdMedia is a a great step towards that endeavor:

What is FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn Program?

It’s an alternative to a face-to-face meet! 

It will include a Virtual Meeting supported with FREE healthy & freshly prepared Lunch at your doorstep.

To know more about the program, you must visit

How does it work?

Once you open this link (mentioned in the previous section), a page like the one given below will appear.

You can see a web form in the right hand corner of the page. 

You have to fill the form and one of our assigned representatives will immediately get in touch with you.

You have to provide some mandatory information including ~ your name, business email address, phone number, Delivery address, company name & Best time we can reach you.

Once we receive the aforementioned information, one of our representatives will get in touch with you via phone or email to schedule a meeting time that works best for you.

After that you will receive instructions to place your order.

You can then place your order. You can get your food (lunch) customized as per your taste.

Before the “Virtual Meeting” starts over, your HEALTHY, DELICIOUS & FRESHLY prepared lunch at your doorstep/workplace.

Why is it important?

To support the business during the COVID-19 outbreak!

A massive economic disruption in the market is being indicated in the years to come (after COVID-19). 

Because we are all working from home, living in isolation, most businesses are on halt, and there is a tumultuous situation in the market. 

But, in spite of all this, we can always find a way. And, this FREE Virtual Lunch & learn program is in line with that quest to keep the pace of work we were in alive. 

Amidst this Pandemic, the HEALTH of our clients & associates is equally important. Therefore, we will meet virtually, so that you will not have to step out of your homes. 

We will meet Virtually so that CORONA could not dare to reach you.

We will provide you with a healthy & freshly prepared lunch in comfort of your homes/workplace. This will prevent you from stepping out from the confines of your home. This will keep you safe & healthy.

We want to see each of our business colleagues in the same healthy & safe way we’ve last met. To make this possible, to make sure that when we meet face-to-face Post-COVID-19, we are all healthy.

We are also open to any idea or information how we can keep ourselves safe from corona. 

Let’s just discuss & meet Virtually over FREE lunch at the time that is best for you!

When it Works?

This is an exclusive program/offer that is valid till 30th April 2020. 

The FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn Program has been an innovative attempt of the team AdMedia. It will help us work smoothly as possible in this challenging time of COVID-19.

AdMedia urges you to support each other in the endeavor to help our business work normally. It will help each and every one of us associated with the company in fulfilling our general economical obligations. 

Let’s come together & support each other!

Work from home! Meet from Home!

Stay healthy, stay Safe!!

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