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Whoever said that content is the king was absolutely right. With the changing time, the need for content has not changed. There have been regular updates regarding the search results of Google, also the brand has been very much regular with the update in their algorithm. And the only solution to get past the updates and changes is to make the variation in the Content.

We have been observing many big brands for a long time now and we have noticed that the trends and updates have not affected their ranking a lot and when we dug a little deeper, we understood the way they played with their content not only on their website but also the social media and the guest posts or articles that were meant for off-page SEO. 

The content has observed many changes over the past years. Earlier it used to be more formal and direct with loads of information. Then an era came when the content was supposed to be telling a story around the information. A time came when they had to frame a story that could touch the heart of the individuals and could relate to what you have been writing.

There is no correct way to write something but there for sure is a way to write for the digital platforms. Digital platforms are a place where you could be creative as well as are bound to some limitations. First of all, we would like to tell you the difference between the two kinds of writing:

  1. Content Writing: The articles, blogs, website content and everything that requires to narrate a story and inform people in an informative way.
  2. Copy-writing: It is all about explaining things in a single line. With the changes in technology and digital marketing patterns, the demand for copy-writing is rising to a great extent. But, one thing is for sure, it can never replace the core content writing as you can’t write one-liners for your website and rank on top.

If Google loves your product then people love it too and vice-versa. The average content that google accepts to top on the ranks is 1800 words. However, anything above 1200 is good. You need to make sure that the content you are writing should be meaningful and solve the issue you are writing on it. Here are a few tips on writing good SEO content:

  • Focus on Keywords:

You should always focus on keywords and try infusing them with your content. The content and the title must justify your keywords as they should not look out-of-place. The keywords play a very major role in your google rankings. Google’s algorithm will search for the keywords and how important it was to stuff it in that line. With the latest BERT update, the algorithm searches for the relevance of the keywords and it is now more difficult to rank your content if there is no sync between your content and the keywords you use. 

Most people make the mistake of over-stuffing the blog or article with the keywords which are malpractice and if google finds this out they will either ban your page or your ranking is going to drop drastically. 

  • Narrate a story:

People love listening to stories and if you can connect with them via your stories you can easily increase the bounce rate. Instead of briefing them with the information, try connecting with them. Content can take your services or products to the places. You just need to focus on the phrases or words that can resonate with the audience.

  • Research about your target audience:

Try researching the audience first and then write. It is always good to research the audience first to understand their psychology and to hit the spot. No one has enough time to read your content if your introduction is not catchy enough. The only way you can improve your writing is by researching the audience first and then try putting yourself in their place. Try building a user profile and ask yourself these questions:

What issues could I face?

Will I be searching for them online, if yes then what could be the probable title?

Is the title catchy enough to be read?

What kind of language will I be understanding?

  • Study the platform:

 How can you write a paragraph for social media content? Or one-liners for a website? Hence, it is very important to write according to the platforms. There are many platforms you will be writing as a content writer and it is not possible to know about each and every one. Hence, it is greatly advised to first research and then write accordingly. You can take a cue from the websites or articles that are trending on it and then learn about the latest pattern and trends that are being followed on it. 

  • Effective topic:

Would you be interested in reading an article that is not meant for you? How will you decide? Obviously by reading the title. Your title should not be confusing and it should give a brief about the entire article. The best way to select a title is to use your copy-writing skills and come up with something that will interest the users. However, your title must include a keyword too. 

  • Know where to place your content:

As we, earlier told you that over-stuffing is never good but not using keywords is also not a solution. Try following a pattern, for example, One, in the beginning, one in the middle and the one in the last. You can try following it and see the difference. This pattern reduces your task of planning out the places where the keyword could be placed and it will not affect your content too. 

  • Topic:

Every content that you write should be reasonable and you can’t go out and select any topic. It is always advised to go with the google trends or use SEO tools to know the search volume of the topic you want to write about. These websites not just help you in selecting the topic but also, will give you hints about the kind of headlines you could choose.

  • H1 and H2 are important too:

Try infusing Headline 1 and 2 or more in your content. Giving headlines in your content  improves the efficiency of your content by more than 30%. It gives users a summary if they are not willing to spend time reading the inside story.


There are many things as a content writer that you should keep in mind. However, with the increasing digital presence, your writing should not be out-of-place. Every writer has their own flair and this should not be touched. If it’s possible try keeping freshness in the way you write. 

Content writing gives you the freedom to explore the unexplored and imagine a world that you want to. There are many things that your content must have a few of them are:

Clarity: Your content must be clear and to the point. Distorted facts or patterns can harm you and instead of stuffing it with info to make it more relevant or informative, try sticking to a few points that are in sync and will give weight-age to your content. Feeding too much information could make your content too boring. Avoid this scenario and just be clear and to the point.

Relevance: Always give relevant information. No one wants to hear about the travel vacation in a health article and vice-versa. You can sync your information with the piece of content you are writing. Always ask is it important to give this information? 

Freshness: Keep your content lively and fresh. Always go for the trending topics and you can easily maintain the flow and freshness by just coping up with the new topics and the latest trends that are prevailing in the industry.

Creativity: Get creative and explore different horizons. Content writing gives you an edge by letting you flow in the directions you want and the way you want to shape up the entire article or post. You can never fall short of the ideas and you need to focus on the things that you think would give weight-age to your ideas and your content.

In the end, we just want you to focus more on what and why you write . Content can make or break your brand’s image. It is very important to pay focus on the brand image and write to make an impact. You give all your energy to content and if it turns out as a disappointment you obviously will feel bad. Always prioritize the quality over quantity. There are many ways a person can extend the words but those words must be impactful and not just be stuffed to increase the word limit. Play around the words and ideas. Keep experimenting and testing the implementations. There are times when your mind space is different, avoid writing at that time as it would not turn out the way you want it to be. 

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