Find Out How TikTok can Boost Your Business

Have you checked that TikTok video? You surely would have checked your phone or through which video we are talking about. Right? But even for once you thought about what TikTok. We believe no, as it has outgrown other social media platforms within a span of a few months. It has over 500 million users and this means 500 million opportunities for your business. It was the most downloaded app on both google play store and apple store. Most of the brands are now on this platform which was once known for its stupid videos.

The whole generation Z is on it and is using it to pass their time. If your brand has been struggling to grab the attention of the youth then this is the app for you. You just need to be sure of what you are selling and what is your target group. We are here to help you with your tiktok marketing by spilling a few beans regarding the magic of this brand.



As per the Mediakix, this is the stats for the TikTok downloads. As you can see for yourself it has left the other social media giants behind and is acing the game with reaching 1 billion downloads in Feb 2019 and was launched in 2016. It earlier was known as the Musically and went on a revamp to attract the generation Z. 

What is TikTok?

It is a platform where you can edit, create and share videos. You might be thinking that the same happens on YouTube too, then what’s new? Well, this app allows you to create videos of 5 to 30 seconds max. The average video length is 15 seconds. It was built to share education from anywhere around the globe to the needy ones. But, with the change in times, it was more used as a platform of entertainment. It is now being used in more than 150 countries and China uses the replica of this app which is again specially built for the Chinese.

How to get on it?

There are very few simple steps for it. You need to first create an account and then from the settings, you can turn your account into a business account which helps you to analyze the data related to each and every video that you post. Unlike YouTube, it does not pay for the views but the followers and likes. You can run ads but you need to add the coins to your wallet. This is quite a secure app and you cannot by the followers from it. You can search for other users and have a look at the way they create content. You get many editing options like filters, transitions, add music and duet. You can even give reactions on other videos. Being a marketer you should grab this opportunity and take a leap in your marketing ideas.

How to use TikTok for your marketing?

The First and Foremost thing is to Study the Platform: You need to be aware of the audience on this app. The age group is mostly from 16 to 30 which gives you an estimate that if your brand is all about youth this is the great platform for it.

Lenskart which is an Indian brand is making most of it. Also, Amazon, Chiptole and many big brands like this have tried and tested the value of this app. You just need to understand your product and then you can play a lot on this app. 

  • Content is the King: People spend their time on TikTok for relaxing and any serious or direct selling could be dangerous as people will start skipping your ads. The main is to provide them unskippable content which is fun and informative. For example, if you blabber about the makeup knowledge no one is interested in listening to them, but, when you show them the wonders of makeup and then give them tips to re-create it, that’s where you win the audience.
  • Play with Hashtags: We all understand the importance of hashtags in our social media marketing. It helps in reaching a specific audience and also, to keep a track of it. You can launch some fun challenges and add a hashtag to it. Lure people to take on the challenge to send your brand message loud and clear. 
  • Going the Traditional Way: The traditional way of marketing is obviously working with influencers. According to the stats your business boosts 60% when a TikTok influencer is added to it. We mean to say influencers play a very huge role in advertising your product. They lend their audience’s attention to you and also, helps in brand recall. They are the safest and best bet for your business. You can even ask them to do your challenge and use your hashtags which in turn will help you to grab the eyeballs and mentions on this app.

Types of advertisements you can do on TikTok

  • Native Content:  It is a type of advertisement which is mostly used on Snapchat and Instagram stories. You can add clickable links or buttons on the ads to re-direct them to your brand’s website or page.
  • Hashtags to Use: Create a funny or interesting video or concept and use the already established and trending hashtags to make it more powerful and valuable.
  • Brand Recalling: You can create your own images, GIFs and many interesting digital footprints that you want your audience to use or re-create. The aim is to be in the eyes of your audience.
  • Brand Filters: It is something like the Snapchat 2D and 3D filters. You can also create a filter related to your brand and ask the users to play around with it. 

TikTok is a growing app and you can use it for your brand’s advertisement or for selling your products. There are many big brands already working on it and are getting a fair amount of traffic from TikTok. This app has helped them to generate a great brand recall and brand imaging from it. 

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