Everything About Google’s “Speed Update”

According to the recent announcement of Google, website loading speeds on mobile devices will now be considered as the ranking factors in Google search results. The site speed has always been a major factor in determining both organic rankings and AdWords Quality Score and with this Google’s update has shifted the focus slightly.

Activated from July month, page speed will become a major ranking factor for mobile searches because Google knows that the web users become too impatient if the website page takes too long to load. This article will reveal all about Google’s Speed Update to let you updated with the latest updates of Google.

Google’s Speed Update

Let’s spills some beans about the latest Google update through this post, so read on to stay updated with the latest news.

What is Speed Update?

google speed update

Speed Update is the latest Google update that will only affect pages with the slowest loading speed as Google wants to give their user a better experience. Initially, the site speed was based only on website’s desktop version; however, with the help of this update, speed will now be a ranking factor for your mobile sites as well. This concludes that the mobile sites with slower load times may experience a fall in mobile organic rankings on Google which results in a disaster fall for businesses. Therefore, businesses that are relying on Google traffic and AdWords campaigns may have to pay attention to this Google update.

How can businesses avoid the effect of the update?

speed update
First of all, the sites should start testing their existing version of mobile sites to avoid the effect of the update. With Google’s testmysite tool, any business can get their mobile site scanned and get tested against the standard 3G connection to know the status of their site’s loading speed. This will give a report on your site performance so make adjustments based on the testing feedbacks.

Apart from this method, you can improve the site speed by removing unnecessary plugins, videos or images on mobile which reduces the server response time.  Web developers can use Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages to enable the creation of mobile pages that load nearly across devices and distribution platforms.

Last Words

After reading this post, you must have understood the importance of this update and how it will affect your business. However, there is more thing that is not revealed above is that this Google update will only affect the small number of sites. This will not affect any current algorithms or rankings for the desktop. This update serves as a brilliant reminder to designers and developers that they should keep the users in mind while building a site.

By now, you must have got the significance of the update and how can you avoid getting affected by this update. Do share your feedback with us.

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