Everything about Twitter Content Calendar

Do you really want to be noticed on Twitter? 

Are you looking out to be as precise and give a nuanced understanding of what’s going around as you can when designing your daily twitter post? 

Has it become an everyday struggle to think “what to post on Twitter”?

So, guys, there is really good news for you!

To help marketers on this twitter has designed a Content Calendar with tweet prompts.

This is a month-long twitter content calendar. This will save a lot of marketers time and energy. 

A Month of Tweets is all about creating a clear picture of what is to be done. Now marketers can refer to this content calendar and follow the everyday tweet theme. 

Here’s the full content Calendar full of Tweet prompts:

Now to help marketers with any type of confusion with the categories of the tweet, it explains each of them separately. Here we go:

Monday Tweets for the Month – First Monday to Fourth Monday

FAQ: Answer user’s queries. 

Motivational Monday: Making use of the very popular hashtag (#MondayMotivation) shares an inspiring story (short) or an inspiring video or a motivational picture.

Twitter Poll: This is about running a Twitter poll, where you can engage your audience in something related to your business.

Positive Brand News: This is about sharing anything unique & exciting happening in your company that has never happened before.

Tuesday Tweets for the Month

Retweet: Retweeting can include anything from a thought leader, a business associate, or even a customer.

Key Piece of Content: Tweeting a key piece of content is about tweeting an existing & valuable piece of content like that of a downloadable guide.

Ask a Question: Asking questions can be really a great way of creating engagement. And engaging actively with the replies is another part of the game, which adds to the engagement.

UGC (user-generated content): UGC is about sharing a piece of content that was created by a customer and not by the company’s team.

Wednesday Tweets for the Month

Pro-Tip: Tweeting a Pro-tip is all about sharing a best practice or a feature that makes your product stand alone in the market. 

GIF: Bring a one-liner in the form of a GIF and tweet it for better engagement. 

Wednesday Wisdom: Making use of the popular hashtag (#WednesdayWisdom) share an inspirational quote relating it to your brand and also share brand-specific tips.

Videos: As per the Twitter recommendations, repurpose an existing Video to share on your Twitter Handle.

Thursday Tweets for the Month

Retweet with Comment: Search for @mentions and retweet a question with an answer in a way that can help other people. 

Statistics: Tweeting statistics is about sharing a piece of data that can benefit the audience. To make this more effective, you may also add a simple & precise graphical depiction of the data.

Successful Past Tweets: Go to your profile or to the Twitter Analytics dashboard. Search for tweets that always get attention and retweet them so as to a way broader audience base. 

Go Live: This is about a real-time engagement with the audience with a live video.

Friday Tweets for the Month

Behind the Scene Pic: This is about highlighting people who are behind the success of the brand or organization.

Meme: Looks at the fast-food accounts to get inspiration for the trending memes. Tweet a meme to engage the audience.

Shoutout: It is about highlighting and sharing about a standout customer, partner or employee.

One Liner: This is going to be a simple text-only tweet.

And, this Twitter calendar is not just about a month. If you find it relevant, you can use it for the upcoming month’s twitter content calendar. You can tweak around and do some relevant changes as per the need of your brand and use the same calendar in the future. 

In addition to that, Twitter has also suggested some important upcoming days around which you can design your Twitter Content Calendar for the upcoming and even in this month.

These important dates have been published by calendar taking into account the kind of extraordinary audience engagement history. So, designing your content calendar around these popular dates will surely be beneficial in terms of audience engagement. 

Some popular dates:

World Health Day:  April 7th

Passover: April 8th

National Sibling’s Day & Good Friday: April 10th

Easter: April 12th 

National Pet Day: April 11th

Earth Day: April 22nd

Ramadan: April 24th

This list of popular days looks shrunken, because of COVID-19, which has led to the cancellation of the most public events this month. 

But, you have enough to design your twitter content calendar. A systematized and consistent approach can really be beneficial both in terms of audience engagement and brand value enhancement. 

So, either follow the above Twitter content calendar (as suggested by Twitter) or you may also make some additions or tweaks with popular days of the month or any other creative idea specific to audience engagement. 

Twitter has provided us the clear picture of how we must design twitter posts for an entire month, which is one side of the game. But, if you are looking out for various other means of marketing your product or services over the internet, you must reach out to us at https://admedia.com/what_we_do/ to discover how we function.

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