Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Marketing strategies during COVID-19 pandemic – so, the question is how to formulate a sustainable & customer-centric plan?

Over a few decades, the digital marketing industry has grown leaps and bounds and, it has been booming since then! Today, Digital marketing has become a very important tool for all businesses. 

Even when the world is hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Marketing is the only tool businesses can rely on, for their marketing needs. Most Businesses have reported a dramatic change in how they have been functioning for several years. 

Therefore experts are suggesting to tweak the way a business approaches its Digital Marketing strategies during COVID-19 and its digital presence, in the wake of this worldwide health crisis. It should consider and must be very carefully thought, before posting any digital data including the current campaigns, posts, and any type of stuff that showcases a business in general. 

Here are a few tips on how you can design your Digital marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  1. Be Very Specific of the Tone & Care about Their Sentiments

Your Digital marketing strategies during COVID-19 or any such crisis just be tailor-made as per the current scenario. No matter what service or product you provide to your users, it’s about providing people with what they are looking for. With this worldwide turbulence that COVID-19 has brought about, every business needs to pay heed to the TONE of every little thing on any Digital Marketing platform. 

While almost the world is in living in Isolation, working from home and maintaining social distancing, businesses can still connect and build camaraderie with their customers through various digital means. But, a business needs to be extraordinarily careful while building its Digital marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s very important to take an optimistic approach. 

As the situation prevails, we are not supposed to provide any of our two cents, yet there’s nothing bad in sharing an optimistic view of the pandemic. One can share views on how to work from home policy, the period of quarantine & self Isolation period can help you become more productive. 

  1. Select and Pause the Campaigns that are not in Tune with Present Scenario 

Without an inch of doubt, you just have set up a slew of email marketing campaigns to make your customers ready for a new product to be launched. However, such Digital Marketing strategies during COVID-19 should not be a priority. Until this turbulence caused by Coronavirus is stopped, it is not necessary to go for anything like this that is not so important at this point in time. It’s better you hit the pause button for such Digital marketing campaigns during COVID 19. 

The best way to deal with the situation is by winning your trust in the existing customers so that they would continue with your services in the past. You just design Digital marketing strategies during COVID-19 that can be helpful for your existing customers during this worldwide pandemic. 

  1. Let your Customers Know about COVID-19 & its Impact on Your Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected different industries in a different way! While some businesses have shut their doors temporarily, a bunch of them are functioning in a similar way as before with very few tweaks around. However, irrespective of this impact, a business must make sure to keep their customers up-to-date with what’s happening around. 

These communications could be in the form of various Digital marketing strategies during COVID-19. You can resort to a banner on the website, an email blast or it could be a  social media post or anything. These customized notifications will inform your customers in advance about any changes in the way your business functions, and they would know it before placing an order. 

And, even if there are no tweaks that have happened after the onset of this pandemic, you must show your support for those who are suffering. A small social media post or an emailer would do the trick and win your customer’s trust in how your business reacts to a situation.  

  1. Avoid Social Media Posts that Might get Criticized during COVID-19 pandemic

The world is faced with this tragedy of COVID-19. Everyone is hit hard by what’s happening in every corner of the world. So, while you promote a product or service, you must know that anything that’s against the sentiments of your existing or prospective customers should not be there. You should make sure to any kind of social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin) that is not in tune with the current situation should be avoided. 

  1. Say YES to Creating an environment of Camaraderie with Other Businesses

Most industries across the globe have been hit hard by this health crisis. And, many businesses around the world are suffering as hard as yours during this pandemic. Plenty of digital marketing strategies during COVID-19 are helping businesses convey their message of suffering because of the Government’s complete & compulsory lockdown. This strategy may at times go well in reaching out to the Government and to the ones who can help. Based on the likes, shares & comments, you may get spotted by people who can help in this trying time.

You just need to build your Digital Marketing strategies during COVID-19 pandemic very carefully. In these times, it’s not just about promoting your business, but you must also understand the seriousness of the situation. Many companies have shown their business ethics by coaxing their employees not to panic, allowing them sick leaves, and some of them are also offering free meals to their clients, customers & employees. 

In tune with this, AdMedia has also come up with an initiative called FREE VIRTUAL LUNCH & LEARN Under this program, AdMedia will be providing free lunch to its clients/employees & customers. As social distancing is at the forefront of our daily lives, the company is providing an option to enjoy healthy, customized food options, delivered to you in the comfort of your home. 

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