Different Content Types for Marketing Your Business!

Are you thinking about Different Content Types for Marketing Your Business? 

If you have been relying on one or two content types, you will understand this question. 

Most people think that Content Marketing is just about Blogging and a few other content types like social media marketing.

But, that’s not actually true. Content Marketing is much more than Blogging.

In essence, content marketing is a very useful tool for attracting users at various points of Digital sales funnel. But, there are other different content types for marketing your business among different users. 

In this blog post, we are going to tell you, what are different content types and how each of them can be used to help your business grow. Let’s find out:

  1.  Detailed Long-Form Content

A detailed Longform content is always read more & has the potential to generate traffic to a higher level. 

A detailed Long-form content is one of the most effective ways of shooting up subscribers and generating good leads. 

Here’s what a Long-form content type must include (in general).

  • Creating Ultimate guides are an amazing way of playing with long-form content. A lot of websites & businesses also separate blogs from other different content types (as required) including long-form content. 
  • The length of this content type is not going to be 1000 or 1500 words. However, this can vary between 5000 to 15000 words. With several chapters, it is segregated to get great value to the readers. 
  • A long-form content type is usually very useful because of the fact that it contains all the details and the user does not have to go anywhere else for any information. And, since these guides are usually free, more readers can be attracted. 
  • For different content types, you will have to devise different content strategies. While designing a long-form content, you must keep in mind to segregate the guide in different sections. And, so that readers must follow your guide you must also promote it. 
  1. Infographics

Do you know why Infographics is considered one of the best forms of content? It actually incorporates a lot of information in a single image and this is what makes it an interesting form of content. 

What would you like to see a whole list of data from ten or more different studies or a visual image of the same that includes all of this data in the form of charts, graphics & text in the form of bullets? Undoubtedly the later one.  

Here’s more reason for Infographics being an Important Content type:

  • If you want to get more shares, Infographics are one of the best forms of content. And, if you are thinking about the backlink necessary for a good content marketing strategy then the one who shares it will provide valuable backlinks. 

Things to take care of while designing Infographics:

  • There could be different ways of designing Infographics, but you have to consistently follow a few things. 
  • The design must be consistent, clean & simple that could be understood by everyone. You must also include plenty of white spaces and segregate the content into different sections. 
  1. Video

Video content is another powerful way of content marketing. The fact that more customers would like watching a video than reading some kind of a text. Video content is engaging, and interesting, which makes out that one must include video content in their content strategy & planning. 

This is true both for product & service-based products, where the customers would focus more on watching videos than reading text-based content for information. 

There are different ways of using video content – you can use them in the article/blogs that you are writing. You can use them on social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

The video must be designed in a way to offer value to its customers. It must include a CTA designed to further attract users across the sales funnel.

  1. Case Studies

There are plenty of different content types, and case studies are one of them. If you really want to shoot up, enhance sales, and be at the top of the channel then you must use this form of content in your website/business.

What case studies actually are?

Case studies are the in-depth evaluation of a particular scenario and the outcomes of that particular scenario. It provides the readers, both knowledge about the product and the action that must actually be taken. 

Why are case studies one of the best forms of content type?

This type of content is awesome for a variety of reasons including the uniqueness of the content, its shareability, the potential to inculcate that much-needed thought leadership, and much more.

How to Write a Case Study?

Case studies are the clearest & result-oriented when they are written in a clear way. You have to follow some useful steps 

  1. Write the summer of the case
  2. Take a dig at the actual problem which you were evaluating.
  3. Talk about your solution
  4. Give a picture of the result with a proper explanation of why.

On the other hand, just explaining the result is not enough for a case study. This kind of case study can be really boring and won’t actually work. So, it must include the “how”, “why” & the “storytelling” element of the case. This will make users replicate the results of the case. 

Other Different Content Types Are:

  1. Ebooks
  2. Template & Checklist Downloads
  3. White Papers, and more.


While blogging is a very crucial part of a content marketing strategy but that is not enough. You must make use of other different content types to increase sales, generate traffic & market a product or service. 

A mindfully designed content strategy will always be helpful in generating sales & marketing your product in a better way. It gets you with sustainable & significant benefits. Investing your money & time in designing a content marketing strategy is always a wise thing and can get you with long-term results.

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