Copywriting Hacks for Three Popular Social Media Channels

Social media is an important tool for the success of any brand marketing strategy. In a survey, 92% of advertisers said that social media marketing played an important role in boosting their business. More so, every single social media channel is crucial to generating traffic, driving conversion rates, and helping your business to grow. Not everyone can do it right — of course that is not rocket science — you can hire the right person to get it done right.

Your social media manager must take care of certain important things — he has to know the right posting frequency, choosing the right context for a specific goal around the post, and to know how to write effective copy for social media posts. If you want to discover these effective hacks to write awesome social-media copies read our blog — we have got you covered.

There are multiple social media channels to look for advertising your product. But, is it cool to post the same message to every other social media channel? That should be a BIG NO.

OK. So how to do this?

Every advertising channel you are working with — the goal is to engage your audiences. As it turns out that — every social media channel has different kinds of audiences — you cannot pitch them all with a similar message.

It is important to wrap your head around how you must design your post for a particular social media channel. If you know that — every social media channel will get you different audiences, the post needs to look different for different channels, the character limits vary — it will be as easy as ABC to engage your audience!

Do you want to know more about how to create your post right for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter?

Read the blog post to discover awesome copywriting hacks for three social media channels. We have brought everything, but the kitchen sink to educate & enrich you on the topic.

Let’s get started.

Superb Copywriting hack for three Important Social Media Channels

  1. Copywriting Hacks for  TWITTER

Did you ever go back to the drawing board and analyze why your Twitter audience reacted differently to the same message that was posted on Facebook? NO? Don’t worry! This blog post is all about that different reaction, and how to mend that.

What kind of Twitter posts show the highest CTR (Click-through-rate)?

Character Limits. 

Most Twitter posts are made of a maximum of 140 characters. But then, that isn’t even close to ideal if you have used images, videos, and polls too. An analysis by a social media scientist resulted in discovering the ideal character limit for Twitter posts to be 120-130 characters. All those tweets with this length drive higher CTR.


Do you know how hashtags embedded with Twitter posts help? The Twitter posts that include relevant hashtags will enhance its likability. Giving a gist of your tweet resonates with your audience & gravitates them to read the full post to discover what it is trying to communicate. Don’t forget to incorporate the right hashtags while you are composing your tweets. In addition, hashtags enhance the probability of getting found by the users searching tweets with a similar thought using hashtags that you have embedded in your post. According to a study, the chances of engagement gets doubled when hashtags are included correctly.

Hashtag Restraints.

Have you heard about hashtag restraints? Let us tell you.

It is about the number of hashtags that an ideal Tweet should include. Keep it to one or two — that’s the ideal number. A study has found that the engagement increases for tweets with one or two hashtags by 21% as compared to tweets with three or more hashtags.

Keep it simple & informative. Follow these posts while crafting your Twitter posts… You can win the Twitter engagement game, hands down!

  1. Copywriting Hacks for  FACEBOOK

Not to mention, Facebook is the most popular social media platform where almost 79% of adults (with an online presence) are available. The research done by Pew Research Center’s in 2016 had established that Facebook is the most used social media network. On top of that, it also makes for the social media channel that has the most users in 65+ age groups.

How wonderful to know that! Facebook has got a lot more potential to help your business grow & sustain. We are mentioning those whopping numbers not just to convey the information — you have to keep these data in mind while you are designing posts for Facebook.

Facebook advertising budget allocation scheme.

Let’s say you are working on allocating your marketing budget to different segments. Now, if you have the facts clear in your head, you’ll understand why allocating a good portion of your social media advertising budget on Facebook will be a win-win situation when most of your audience belongs to the 65+ age group. If that’s going to be your audience at large — you have already won the half battle by targeting them through Facebook ads. Your Pay-per-click campaigns & the ad spends are going to work well, for real. Once you have done with your focus on this most suitable channel, you can get the content repurposed on other social media channels.

Content creation for Facebook.

Don’t underestimate the power of various communication channels — the copy or content that you share on Facebook is one of the most powerful tools to drive customers. A good number of marketers believe that it is their content that most often help in engaging their audience — we have to look into the ground rules for creating content or copy for Facebook.

  1. Formatting.

Do you check with the formatting before getting the copy live? Most marketers don’t pay heed to get the formatting done right. This is one of the most bothering reasons for those advertisers aspiring to target their audience through Facebook. That is why Facebook marketing experts would discourage auto-posting duplicate content all across various social media channels.

Check with the formatting for different channels separately before deploying them — that’s going to save you from any hassle.

  1. The character limit for Facebook.

As a general rule, the character limit for Facebook has been set as 63,206. But, as a marketer, you have to quite mindfully, assess that limit as ideal or not? 63,206 limits are always far from ideal. A study has found that — Facebook posts with 80 or less than 80 characters are potentially more driven to engage audiences. It can increase the engagement to up to 65%!

People don’t generally scroll through the Facebook feeds to read stories or long-form content — you have your blog for that. This text has to be crisp and to the point. This strategy of creating short posts that can be concluded in fewer characters will also add to the chances of images and other visuals being noticed more.

  1. What to post?

Facebook is also an amazing platform where you can promote your blogs, articles, and other external content. This is where your audience is looking out for interesting and important information. Almost 76% of the users are looking for such content on Facebook.

The point to pay attention here is — it is almost worthless to post the link of a blog, or article alone. It is not going to be noticed until you are not embedding eye-catchy content that explains what the article or blog you are sharing is all about.

That’s how it works!!

  1. Copywriting Hacks for  INSTAGRAM

Instagram is all but a visual platform! It seeks to provide a platform where sharing videos and images with interesting filters are as easy as a cake.

However, an attention-grabbing content accompanying an image or a video would always keep you on top of the game. This text will help the audience understand the context of the post — in the first go.

Instagram Character limit.

Same as the case with Facebook — the Instagram users would also not like seeing long-form content or a story. Although Instagram does not define any character limit for the post, you create, it cuts down the extra content after three lines. It is good if you can keep it shorter, but if you want to say more, make sure that the important points & all calls-to-action are embedded in the first three lines. This will save you from getting your marketing copy not converted! 

Sharing videos on Instagram.

Attention-seeking text and copy are important, especially when you are planning to share a video. You almost know the reason — these videos play without sound, automatically. So, while the user is not able to hear anything, he will figure out — by reading the text — what it is all about & that will add to his interest in watching the complete video.


Instagram allows you for more than two hashtags — but you should try keeping it less than eight. According to a study, the Instagram posts with around seven hashtags perform the most concerning engagement.

Wrapping Up.

Assuming that you are doing everything right while creating your social media copy is not the correct approach. Even if you have done it a ball to walls, there is a possibility that you missed a trivial part that’s making a BIG difference to your audience engagement.

Underestimating your business’s social media management can result in unimaginable losses. It’s not as simple as you consider — of course that’s not rocket science if you are determined to win over. Know the ground rules, and it’s going to be fun creating & interesting copies for different social media channels.

Let us know in the comment section, what strategy do you apply while creating copies for different social media channels? How differently do you approach each of these three channels — Facebook, Twitter & Instagram?

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