Content Repurposing: How to Make Your Old Posts Breath in Life?

Do you even remember how many blog posts you have written for your brand until now? And, do you know how many people could reach out to read your blog? Millions of blogs/ articles are being created on a daily basis. But, not every post gets the visibility that it should get. Most of them […]

10 Content Marketing Stats You Must Know About

Have you lately tried finding out about the current content marketing trends in your industry? If the answer is no — it’s like you’re barking up the wrong tree. If you do not have the right knowledge of the current industry trends, your content marketing strategy is never going to get the result you are […]

How to Strategize the Content Syndication Process

Content syndication can give popularity to your content. It helps your content reach thousands of readers across the web. Content syndication adds value to your content by making it marketable. Content syndication is the process whereby you republish your content on several third-sites. It increases your subscribers and you do not have put in extra […]

Content or Backlinks: What Improves the Health of a Site?

This is an important question for almost every marketer — content or backlinks? What would engage in more quality traffic? Whether it’s good to focus on content or on the backlinks would make it happen. The crucial question is — content or backlinks — which of the two would engage your audiences & enhance your […]

Writers’ Guide to Marketable Content Creation & Proofreading

Content is the currency in a digital landscape! There has to be a great amount of attention & creativity to create a piece of marketable content. The whole process of content creation has to be intelligently designed. There are a number of steps you need to follow before you finally press the “publish” button. A […]

What is Content Pruning? How can it Drive Quality Traffic?

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Google came up with an update on May 4, 2020, which was the second core update of the year. What is Content Pruning? How can it Drive Quality Traffic? Content pruning is about weeding out the obsolete content and polishing the site with new ones. Content pruning can […]

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