Content or Backlinks: What Improves the Health of a Site?

This is an important question for almost every marketer — content or backlinks? What would engage in more quality traffic? Whether it’s good to focus on content or on the backlinks would make it happen.

The crucial question is — content or backlinks — which of the two would engage your audiences & enhance your website’s popularity.

Almost every marketing team & every business has this question in their head going around. In the modern-day theory, it is content that matters most.

Over the years, digital marketing has evolved. Today’s content is the KEY. The user is looking for great content that is all loaded with information & is interesting to read. The most modern digital marketing experts say that “It’s good to go with quality content” — that’s the perfect route.

So, you would wonder why to go with content and not backlinks where you have to choose between the two. In this blog post, we’ll help you with real reasons why quality content would bring quality traffic.

Let’s dive:

  1. Users Appreciate good content.

The user comes to your site searching for an answer for what he is looking for — to know about a certain product, to know about the health benefits of some fruits — it could be anything. With the quality content, you can communicate with your audience one-to-one and establish the authenticity of your website. On the other hand, Backlinks are for the Search engines & for the SEO purpose.

Quality content drives users, improves impressions, generates leads, and motivates them to buy your product. If you do not have quality content & enough of it, it’s going to be hard to survive in the Digital world and moreover, there is no need to source backlinks. Backlinks in case you do not have enough quality content on your site will work if you are the first business ever to be providing a product.

  1. Content Tells about the Page Topic.

The content clearly defines what is there on the page with the help of meta tags, header tags, schema, and internal links. On the other hand, backlinks do not define what is there on the page, however, when they are keyword-rich, they can be an indication of what’s there on the page.

So, if you are considering having backlinks on your website, you can get some specific types of backlinks including:

  • Dofollow, sponsored, Nofollow.
  • Keyword-rich, citations & branded links.
  • Industry resource sections.
  • Freebies, News/media, content producers & comments.
  1. Good Content Makes Other websites Link to you.

One of the reasons, why we say, content is useful over backlinks is because that is why people come to your site. It is content that other businesses want to link to yours.

By providing information about something people are looking for, providing quizzes, coming up with informative sources, sharing data, and more would give a reason for making people come to your website. It is content that is the key reason for people to come to your site.

Content is Currency.

We don’t say, backlinks are not essential — they do help your site rank. But, without content, nothing would work. Content is visible & helpful across all channels including referral traffic, media coverage, PPC & SEO. In fact, you have good content, it would automatically bring backlinks. When it’s about choosing between the two — Go with content! It is always good for performance marketers to choose the best. At AdMedia, we help businesses bring in Quality Transparent & Brand Safe Traffic with other different digital marketing services native, search, remarketing, mobile marketing & more. 

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