Everything You Must Know About The Carousel Ads

Carousel ads have been a famous way to advertise a brand’s product and it is favorite amongst many diagrams. It is a favorite feature of Facebook advertising and helps in delivering your message in a very creative manner. Browser ads help in displaying multiple images or videos in a single advertisement and people can easily scroll through these images and videos.

Browser apps are a very advantageous way to showcase the story of your product or brand. For example, if you want to showcase the journey of transformation of one product or how it is made you can easily add multiple images which are maximum 10 images or videos along with individual links and individual descriptions. You can even add individual ad copies to it. This not just helps you in engaging the customers but is a great way to tell the story of your brand.

Carousel ads are very advantages because they can perform better than others. The reason behind their good performance is the amount of space it provides for showcasing your product along with the interactive buttons. The customer can easily swipe and move forward and even zoom in, zoom out easily. You can use your creativity to full as they are very flexible by providing a space for 10 images and videos.

Being a digital marketer can have many benefits and one such is the use of creativity that they can have. Carousel ads are very good and your disturb getting team can work on the following ways to promote their stories.

You can either tell a story by assembling a narrative about the services that you provide. You can take the help of images and videos too.

You can even go ahead and explain the process about how the product is being made or how the services are provided to the customers.
One can even showcase the kind of services that they provide by showcasing the multiple services that you offer.

You can even narrate the story of a product. Customers feel that it is essential to be attached to a brand. If the values and story are creative enough to hook the audience. As they say, an image is worth a Thousand Words hence your product or service can be late to your target audience then you have a whole bunch of loyal customers for you.

However, there are a few things that one should keep in mind while creating successful carousel ads.

The amount of text on your photo should be limited to 25% in proportion to the image. If your text covers more than 25% then Facebook will automatically reject it.

It is very important to create an image that catches the viewer’s eye. A picture is worth a thousand words and when that image is supposed to represent your brand it should be creative as well as clickbait.

Your links must be optimized. For taking the full advantage of the individual length that you will be adding to each image or video in the ad it should be effective enough. By this, it is meant that it would be of great help if every image has a unique landing page. It will not just help in adding lots of links to one ad but is also able to increase your returns of investment.

One must Link Facebook and Instagram Ads so that they can have double benefits out of one. If you have an Instagram business account then it automatically gives an option to connect to your Facebook account. Merging both would help in showing your ads on an Instagram platform as well. If your brand doesn’t have a Facebook account connected to an Instagram account, there is another option that Facebook provides you is to make a pseudo-Instagram which will help in running your ads on the Instagram accounts too.

You should always keep in mind your target audience and create an imaginary Persona of your buyers. It is very important for the people in the marketing business to design your customers Persona so that you know in advance what kind of needs and goals they would be having. Once you are done designing your customer’s persona you would be able to make a better selection of the images and its sequence.

You should always keep your best ad copy first. The best image should be in the front as it would help in grabbing your customer’s attention.

If your headline is eye-catchy and includes a CTA then it will help in better conversion of traffic. If your headline is clickbait then half of your work is already done, it will drive the necessary traffic to your entered link and you will generate enough leads for the plans.

Your images should be in sync with the landing pages. It is necessary to provide the user with the correct information and vital creatives. The kind of force click experience you give to your users as to the successful campaign of your brand. Once the user clicks on your call to action button the landing page should support the message of the advertisement. 
Being a digital marketer you must be aware of all the kinds of ads that you can run and what benefit it will provide to your business. Instead of running advertisements that are not going to be helpful in sync with your advertisements message you must study deeply about each and every kind of advertisement that Facebook helps in running. Facebook is a great platform to advertise your product or services as most of the world is now on social media and Facebook is bringing everyone closer. It is a new platform for the new generation. You can find your target audience engagement in the brands that they see often on this platform. 

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